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Dec 5, 2015 | Prosperity

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Did you know that people can actually “attach” cords to you that are invisible and deplete your energy like a syphon?

Chances are, if you’ve ever felt “the life being sucked out of you” you know what I mean.   These “cords” of attachment- the vehicle through which the draining dynamic takes place-  can be cut.

You can be free.  Right now. Today.  

cut cords

Our emotions and thoughts are comprised of energy and create our personal aura and energetic magnetic field. Energy fields circulate all around us and contain information stored as energy about our past life events, relationships, family dynamic, our personality traits, etc.

Some people believe that we store all our negative patterns in a seperate structure called a cord. The person on the other end of this cord of attachment, is someone with whom you share or shared a negative pattern of behaviour and/or thinking. This cord connects to your aura and transmits energy to the person on the other end of the cord. Since this energy traverses time and distance, the individuals do not need to be in each others presence to communicate and can subconciously send messages via thought and imagination.
The negative pattern cord connection may help explain why people tend to attract the same types of people, relationship dynamics, repeat negative patterns, and ignore lessons they have already learned.

The first reason is the subtle, subconcious, “invisible” nature of how the negative energy enters our aura. These negative patterns and the drama attached to them have been ingratiated into your usual way of thinking.

Also, when we share a negative cord with someone, we tend to expend a great deal of energy trying to figure out their behavior, way of thinking, etc, thus flowing more energy through the cord and making it stronger.

We can all free ourselves from this cycle of subconcious negative patterns by cutting the cord that transmits the energy back and forth. This will result in improved physical and emotional health, and you may even stand a chance to have a healthy relationship with the person who was once on the other end of the cord.

Here’s how to start :

1. Breathe and feel calm. 

2. Scan your body with your imagination and see if you can see or feel cords attached to you.  You may “feel” them, you may imagine you see them. They can look a multitude of different ways, and there’s no one “specific” thing to look for.

You may not know who the cord is attached to… but it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you decide to take responsibility for freeing yourself from this parasitic dynamic.

3. Cut the cord.
Select the instrument you’d like to use to cut your cord in your imagination— scissors, knife, wand, a hand…?

Now visualize the cord being cut…See the actual cord severed by your tool of choice and watch your end get absorbed back into your energy field, energizing and nourishing you.  Let the other end return to its origin.

The cord is now cut.

4. Re-check.  The cord can be re-attached if a person around you is particularly needy.  You may need to do the cord cutting over and over again with a specific person if the feelings are still lingering!

Making space for everyone to energetically thrive is always a great thing, and becoming more whole and present if you’ve been drained is one of the most revitalizing feelings ever!

xoxo Dana

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