10 Inspiring Ideas And Arts To Widen Your Imagination!

Dec 6, 2015 | Creativity

change your perception

It’s an amazing week ahead!

It’s almost the holidays, I’m dreaming up a vacation, I re-started yoga… and… why this matters to you most:


I’m obsessed with perception & how we see things.  Ican see the world as hazy if I’m sitting in a mess or confusion, and you can be sitting right beside me and see the potential of the same world and all that can be created.

Hazy perception makes me feel lazy, bored and despondent.

Crystal clear perception presents a world without limits that is totally vibrating excitement!

“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”

This powerful statement from Dr. Bruce Lipton gives me chills of light happiness!

Change your perception and you change your cells.  Dr. Bruce Lipton explores LOVE and the power to feel your way through life guided (biologically) by your heart right HERE. 

It’s a must-read, revolutionary piece, perfect to kick off a giant round up of ideas to widen, brighten and sweeten your perception…! 

Today, Dana D shares some inspiration to make the world wider and the lens through which we see things much more multi-faceted…!

I just learned there are 72 microseasons in Japan, so I’m challenging myself to create at least 52 for myself. I think its an interesting way to really tune into nature and the world around us.

crooked forest

This forest in Poland has secrets. I’d like to hear them.

This young man should be an inspiration to all of us to go after our beliefs

Satoshi Tomizu

* This is blown glass extraordinaire by Satoshi Tomizu, how truly amazing.

* I’m completely in love with this mandala. 

* Any dancers out there? Here’s an amazing DIY project to capture dance movements and turn them into drawings. 

This explanation about addiction is amazing. I’m a little more open minded now on how I can help people, and that’s so important.


This is completely adorable and I love it.

* Stuck on what to draw next? Here are 100 sketchbook prompts! 


Have an amazing week….!


Dana D. is a perpetually curious professional life student, domestic engineer, and astronautical engineer by degree. She loves to explore new neighborhoods, museums, meet people, and pet strange dogs. She believes that all miracles are huge and that you never know what the day will bring – so be positive, happy, and grateful.


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