Ditch Your Problems And Cultivate Your Genius With Art!

Dec 8, 2015 | Life With Art

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Today’s Day 11 of #30DaysOfFengShui and the creativity is flying.  I feel like I’m floating as I release these daily, and once we get into the actual energy of art today, you’ll see why.  As well as how to float and fly yourself, today!

Each one of the 30 Days of Feng Shui ideas (*follow the series HERE on Instagram)  has it’s own space-making power and today’s is particularly close to my heart because it’s all about the power of using art to squash your problems and create major change in the world! 


Squash Problems. Art Therapy.

Some say that art is an energy like love, a channel to greatness.

The Vibrations of Consciousness

If you tuned in yesterday, this awesome chart of living in a higher vibration (which has been studied, by the way, and it’s super-profound…)  is all about expansion. And all kinds of emotions that keep us stuck also keep life and the impact we have every day very small.

When you’re living in the emotions high up on the chart you an impact sooooo many more people with your energy in a postive way! I’m talking profound numbers.  Dr. David Hawkins studied and codified much of this work and talks about the major way that living up at the top of the chart can affect hundreds of thousands of people around you positively.   Christine Marie Sheldon writes about this research at Love or Above, stating that that when one person is living at the level of LOVE they can raise 750,000 people to a place above level 200 on the chart!

One of the most powerful energies in my experience to transform life in this way almost instantly is art.

And you can use art to squish the negative emotions that keep you stifled at the bottom of the chart, creating a more clear path to the top.

It’s colossal.

Try it and you’ll agree!

clay demo of problem

Turn your problems into clay (or Play-Doh) and see them for what they are… Make figures. See if you can label things with bits of paper if that helps.  Visualize every aspect of an issue and how it’s been affecting you.  Make and make the problem until it feels like it’s all sitting in front of you in (possibly messy) figures and forms.

squash problems

Then squash them. Literally- pound, squish, squash, smash and clear away that problem until you feel like it’s no longer sticking around.

use art to solve your problems
Make a new picture in clay of how you intend to feel and live right now.  What does the picture look like? How many details can you add that bring your new  vision to life.  Leave it by your side for a while if it feels good to leave it.

Sparks fly!!!

Note: this is nottt about being perfect! This is about being an alchemist!


What could be better?!

xoxo Dana



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