Feng Shui To Trust Yourself To Follow What Feels Right To Expand Life Awesomely!

Dec 14, 2015 | Prosperity

words are vibrations

(seeds of the heart)

Following what feels right sometimes starts with trusting yourself to know what feels wrong.

With lots of noise, less-than-awesome words and bad thoughts around you, it’s easy to have your own senses scrambled.

Even lots of electrical impulses like WiFi and too much Internet, phone and social media can create it’s own energy field that’s cloudy and oppressive.

Add in the opinions, the jealousy (yep, its a real thing, sadly), the moods and the negative attachments we’ve all had around us and it’s really easy to stop trusting- or actually feeling- how you feel.

If you’re wanting to make a change, break out of a pattern that’s holding you back and soar like never before, here’s some feng shui to start trusting yourself to make the shifts that I’ve seen make dreams come true in limitless ways.  

succulent rainbow


I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: it’s only easy to trust your instincts when your life is in order.

If you’ve been in too much chaos, have to much on the To-Do list or have very little time in the day to breathe, it’s hard to find a solid feeling of trust in yourself.

Create order and suddenly things fall into place in a straighter line.

To make this idea non-conceptual: imagine sitting in a dimly-lit room stuffed with piles of papers where people fight constantly. Now, are you ready to write your award-winning novel? Or… do you feel the world coming in on you, along with anxiety and a feeling of being ill-at-ease?

I bet you feel, at the very least, annoyed.

Now, picture yourself in a bright, clear space with high ceilings, maybe a pop of color on the walls and a little ambient music and some tea to complete the picture.   Are you ready to write?

See how simple it is to conceieve of action where you’re surrounded by order?

While my classmates would party (as I imagine they should) I used to take the bus to New York to the Times Square Library in high school to escape my house and study for five or six hours on the weekends in the most spacious and organized place I could find in the whole of Manhattan.  It electrically recharged me and helped me leap forward with ideas and quiet and big windows and soaring ceilings.

Start by creating more quiet. 

Meditating on a park bench, on the subway or in a corner of your bedroom is very valuable quiet.  Quiet your thoughts in hikes (I’m headed out now!), in public gardens and museums.  Leave the TV off and shut the radio so you can expand your mind.

Remove yourself from bad words. 

Wherever you’re spoken to like you don’t matter is a place you don’t belong.  If you have anger or toxic connections in your life that bring you down, try cutting the energetic cords that keep this energy close.   It’s a powerful exercise that works!

Remove things (and places and people) from your close quarters that trigger bad thoughts.

Those low-self-esteem clothes, places that make you feel terrible (*oh, the coffee place by my old home made be feel like I was in high school being judged and criticized every minute by the crowd of cliques)… I have the most negative reaction to parties where people are wasted… I mean, I can’t connect at all.

You have absolutely no obligation to be in places where you feel bad.  Or, to around people who make you feel bad, invisible or otherwise smushed. Or, to keep things that make you feel bad.

The world is unlimited.  Embrace that truth instead.


Organizing is not: moving things around in neater piles or drawers with dividers.

Organizing is: “to form as or into a whole consisting of interdependent or coordinated parts, especially for united action.” (This from dictionary.com)

Notice that organizing means that there are only useful things around you that complete the whole picture of your life in action.

Dump what isn’t useful, re-structure what you keep and need so that you are surrounded by flowing energy… and this is clear-thought-making power!

Add light.

Sunshine, clear lightbulbs, some color that shines.

Now…you are set to soar!

xoxo Dana

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