Feng Shui To Open Doors To The New In 2016!

Dec 15, 2015 | Prosperity



The New Year Countdown is on… and… as I’m so psyched to share all this Best-New-Year-Ever feng shui with you…

Today is all about EXPANSION.

If you want to have more of anything in 2016, it requires expansion.

Think about it: the more you take on, the more energy you need to be able to manage.

Even lottery winners can get completely crushed by the overwhelm of something good!

This year I learned in an interesting way as I travelled around doing feng shui and design and having huge adventures- truly living the dream I envisioned- by losing my voice three times and then getting tendonitis in my arm— that I had to make so much more space in my schedule and my body and even my home for a bigger life to fit comfortably.

While I believe we’re only given what we can handle in life … you want to be sure to be ready to handle lots of good.

That means it’s time to… expand!
Clearing space can be as simple as burning a candle.  I’m impartial to very natutal holiday scents at the moment, and lots of ’em.  The essential oils like Eucalyptus flow freely in my house, keeping the vibes high and pure.

bali fruit

(Bali fruit market)

Pick an adventure or two or three or five!  My heart is set on a trip to Bali at some point soon to visit a dear friend and explore art and life with my boyfriend…. A return to Japan to the Buddhist temple near Mt. Fuji…

Given I haven’t taken an actual total vacation in  eight years, I feel like this is a very important upgrade.  These are pure adventure: stretching, growing, reaching, creating.  I’m making lots more space for adventure.

Do you have any anventures planned? A short road-trip, even camping in your neighbor’s backyard, can be an adventure! A trip to fit into your life creates so much magic.

Expand your horizons academically or your skill-set professionally with a big gift of books or signing up for classes.  My Amazon wish list is always enormous, and this years books include: David Hawkins Power vs. Force, The Intention Experiment, Energetic Boundaries and The Talent Code.  (*I have seen all of these and read a lot of them without owning them yet and I totally recommend each!!!)

dana claudat feng shui tips

Create a more welcoming desk by adding a pop fresh flowers.  These include orchids and, if you don’t have animals, poinsettias.

And clear away all the stuff in your home that does not belong! Being disorganized can feel like wild stress or a host of other mental and even physical chaos (Here are 10 Signs That You Are Disorganized, if you’re wondering if that may just be what’s stressing you out!)

Having a cluttered life is going to be a thing of the past in 2016!

Take some time before the New Year to make more space for your dreams in an expansive way.

Your home, your desk, your mind, your heart… all need clear space to be radiant, glowing & magnetic!

xoxo Dana




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