8 Feng Shui Ways To Create A Prosperous Life Right Now!

Dec 16, 2015 | Prosperity

We all love the idea of prosperity, but if you’ve been stuck in some way you know the conundrum.

I’ve seen it in every way.

Some of the most motivated people try so much to break free- from the practical “to-do” lists to the esoteric energy work- and still they’ve struggled to get what they want.

I hear it all the time.

I’ve tried everything and nothing works.

The Law of Attraction isn’t for me…

I have no idea what’s wrong with me.

Maybe I’m just born unlucky…  

And on and on.

Some of most successful friends have thought of quitting their dreams every month and found a way out of that cycle to get to their pinnacle.  Some of the icons of our day had to break free of their own rock-bottoms to reach the top.

The difference between stuck and flowing, between prosperous and struggling… It it seems to be so vast.

But it’s really a decision. And a commitment. And a leap of faith.

All of this… coupled with a lot of clear space to leap into.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about creating a prosperous life in whatever way you want to prosper… right now!!! The only “Self-Help” books I read are the classics these days.  I don’t really read them cover to cover, but, rather, I look at the core principles.  Usually they remind me of great habits, great examples, fundamental truths that may not have any “scientific”  but they hold up over time as true, regardless.

I read this quote lat night by Catherine Ponder:

“If you want greater prosperity in life, start forming a vacuum to receive it.” 


What does that mean?

“Nature does abhor a vacuum, and when you begin moving out of your life what you do not want, you are automatically making way for what you do want. By letting go of the lesser, you automatically make room for the greater good to come in.” 

We all need space to prosper.

When you’re stuck, it’s life showing you that there isn’t enough space in your life to accept in the new.

So you can spin your wheels, work extremely hard, pray like mad…focus like crazy on doing and doing and doing…  and nothing shows up.

Making space for what you want in life can feel abstract, but in Feng Shui it’s extremely concrete stuff.

That’s part of the beauty of looking at the mirror of life presented to you by your space: You learn to see where you’re blocked.  You see where you’ve settled for less.  You see where things need to change. You smell things. You feel the temperature. You squint in the dark and you feel overwhelmed by the sight of clutter, unfinished projects and more…

Once you see it, you can change it!

And, of course, as you change it, you change your life.

And, as you change your life, you make more changes in your space that support your dreams.

It’s this beautifully expanding upward spiral.

As you raise your life higher, you create that wide-open space that’s a vacuum, as Catherine Ponder says so simply and powerfully:

“By letting go of the lesser, you automatically make room for the greater good to come in.”

Here are 8 ways to create that vacuum that draws your dreams toward you:

Stop complaining.  If you’ve been way to dependent on venting without looking for solutions, fixating on your problem(s) or otherwise feeling like you lack stuff, that’s got to change.  Not only do you make your problems bigger when you focus on them in this way… you also bring down the world around you.  Supportive groups – ones that thrive on positivity and solutions rather than a shared issue to ruminate about and bond over- can help you break out of the fixation on what’s wrong and see how it’s leading you to what’s right!

Clear bad news out of your life.  Detox yourself from terrible news, bad news people (you know, the ones who tell you how dismal business has been, how horrible the economy is…) and more.  During the Great Recession a few years back I decided not to listen to anything about the economy and focus instead on being productive and helping as many people as I could in my life.  I made more money that year than in the 10 that preceded it!  This works!!!

Do not settle.  We’ve all done it. Or at least I have!   Settling for something that feels wrong is a great way to accumulate massive clutter and shut down the floodgates to greatness.

Complete what isn’t done.  Unfinished stuff is more clutter.

Open up energetic space that’s stuck. Clearing your home or office energy is a fast way to create more of that vacuum that welcomes in greatness.  Clap your hands in the corners of the room you’re in.  Clean your house!  And… HERE you can watch my favorite simple but powerful space clearing methods for to get the energy super-flowing!  

Stop forcing things.  When you push at something it will push you back.  Cultivating faith in life is vital.  It’s hard to feel at ease, at peace and in synch with life if you have disorganization around you… which leadsd me to…

Dump clutter that’s obvious. The stuff you know must go, but doesn’t ever make it out the door.

THEN… Dump the clutter you may not even realize you have!  We don’t need much to live well, and after listening to many of the thousands of people I’ve worked with list out their confusions and worries, I can tell you that it’s very likely you have a lot of things around you that you don’t use, you don’t need and possibly feel obliged to keep that are all keeping your life too full to bring in awesome new stuff!

Create your own cosmic vacuum of prosperity by daring to be in that space of prosperity- literally- all the time!  Live with spaciousness- even in smaller spaces.  Think in terms of solutions.  Eliminate anything that shows you or tells you what is not possible!

Everything is possible!!!

Get going to create your own cosmic vacuum, “automatically making way for what you do want.”

It’s irresistible and world-changing once you get started…!  xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!


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