Harness The Love Power Of Aloha!

Dec 18, 2015 | Creativity


Today’s #30DaysofFengShui uses pure, simple, true love to transform your life.

It’s Aloha.  And it’s awesome.

The Huna principle of Aloha is quite simple.  As translated by Cindy Dale it means, “To love is to be happy with.” According to some Huna scholars, Aloha carries with it the notion of enjoying  and sharing in life fully, connecting to it completely.

Aloha is all about gratitude and love as the fuel for life.

This is a simplification of a very deep and meaningful terms, but a few simple questions spring from Aloha…

Where is love unfolding for you? 

Where can you connect more and love more? 

Are you enjoying life enough? 

Questions like these can unfold a whole series of answers.

Where love is unfolding can show you how much love you are brining into your life… and how much you are open to love.

Where you don’t feel love… are you being too hard on yourself? Or worse… not feeling grateful for all you’ve created?

Are you actually enjoying life… even if you’re far from where you want to be?  And… if you aren’t enjoying life… how can you enjoy it more?

If you want to catch the whole series of space-changing, life-shifting ideas to light up your life… you can see the whole series here on Instagram!

xoxo Dana



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