Do You Embrace The Windows Of Major Opportunity Everywhere?

Dec 21, 2015 | Prosperity

pastel sky

Pastel skies are surreal. The only last for a few minutes and when they fade, there’s nothing but night. And even in the darkest nights there are so many stars and a moon and flickering lights from a zillion miles away. But this short moment of sunset time… it’s elevating and spectacular.

Spending so much time at the beach this year, the idea of windows of opportunity became real to me. It was all borne from the sunset time. If you wait a few minutes too long, get preoccupied or forget it’s about to happen, the technicolor sky will come and go while emails, errands and all kinds of rogue thoughts take over.

These windows of opportunity happen in so many ways every day: chances to take the call, to say yes, to run instead of taking a nap… the perfect moments to connect with the perfect people, to start a dream project, to make a big decision. That perfect sunset. The more exciting job.  The person you’re meant to love more than any other…

It’s all there, all waiting for you.

make the world beautiful

Welcome to my New Year resolution. My mission statement. My whole vibe.

I wanted to catch more sunsets. More impossible beauty. More rocket ships to greater heights.

These windows of opportunity are everywhere, but if your mind is crowded and your life is in a hard and fast pattern of habit you might miss them and wonder why things stay the same no matter what you do to try to make a big change.

You don’t want to miss the sunsets… or the soul mates… or the big breaks…

Try this:

Do less instead of more. Say less. Let yourself rest. Enjoy pauses. Try not to run your days with back-to-back obligations non-stop, all the time.   

A calm mind is a mind that’s effective. The boom in meditation practices lately doesn’t surprise me one bit, because we have very little in modern life that allows our mind to shut off from the influx of information and noise. Meditation opens lots of those windows to infinite possibility.

Try this:

Sit and breathe deeply with your eyes closed and count from 100 to zero. Once you get to zero, stay there and relax for a few minutes. Count from 5 to 1 to come back, slowly, to eyes-opened awakeness. 

Stay in this softer space and let things be easier.

After all, forcing things will just force you back.

It’s the reason I can’t take advice from people who operate in a mechanical, more force-driven way. Like the relationship guru who wanted me to dress and act and speak in a certain way and, if I did it, she claimed I’d be married within a year.

I was so worn out from so many strange relationships that I felt maybe she knew better than me how to do dating. So I tried it. And it worked! Well, it did for three months… three less-than-happy but ‘successful’ months… until it blew up in my face and I felt both shattered and like I had absolutely no idea who I was. It wasn’t easy to bounce back. It was all so forced and unreal.

A few years later, being a calm, focused me the great one appeared.

Without connection to whatever you’re doing, it’s not going to be effective.

It’s really hard to connect if your mind is stuffed with stuff.

Try this: 

declutter your mind

Let yourself just be a little more.

There’s a whole world of sunsets and opportunities and love and and fortune amazing moments waiting for you. The windows are always opening. Make sure you have the space to see them!

Sending you lots of deep breaths, long pauses, hot baths and long naps along with love!



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