This Exercise Can Help You Build Your Intuitive Genius!

Dec 29, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

how to use a crystal pendulum

If you want to maximize your days, tap into your intuitive knowingness of what is right for you.

We always know what’s best… but we can’t always access that clarity. Especially when life is hectic, when there’s a problem in the way, when there’s stuff looming large that’s overwhelming… It’s hard to tap in.

That’s part of the trick of intuition: when you need it most it can be hardest to grasp.

But, just like any exercise program, when you master the skill of trusting what you know, it’s far easier to find your truth in any situation.

Exercise Intuition.

Pendulum swinging can seem bizarre, mystical and woo woo, but it’s a fun way to exercise your intuition!

Here’s an idea: tie something heavy (I’ve used a ring in the past) on a string… Or get a crystal pendulum. They are fun and they seem to call out to you to know which is best to use.

I find that when I’ve slept well and eaten well this is easiest to do effectively. My energy is at a powerful place and it tends to be more of a self-affirming practice. So: sleep and eat if you haven’t. Then… get started!

Get quiet and breathe. Rest your arm holding the pendulum on something steady (I use a table) , and open your other hand flat beneath the swinging pendulum.

Steady it dangling over your open palm and ask how it wants to say YES. It will do a swing in one way. Now ask to see a NO. You’ll get a different swing. You can see the swinging motion in action on my Instagram HERE.

This alone is mind-blowing.

Now you can ask questions!

The idea is that it will answer with your intuition come to light. The pendulum does nothing… It’s all you!

The trick is to ask questions that are about you. Your feelings, your right moves…

Questions like:

How do I feel about this situation?

What’s best for me to eat?

Is this the best decision for me?

These are questions you can get insight into in greater depth.

The pendulum won’t tell you how others feel or what will happen, but it can help you clarify things that are fuzzy.

This isn’t a future predictor (!) but, rather, it’s a way to get quiet and focused and get insight.

And it’s a fun way to be reminded that your intuition can be your best guide!

xoxo Dana

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