4 Feng Shui Ways To Make Impossible Dreams Come To Life!

Jan 2, 2016 | Prosperity

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Immerse yourself in what you want and what you love and you’ll bring it to life.

This isn’t a secret. It isn’t magic. It’s a science.

Today, you can make huge things happen that once seemed far-away or out of reach.

Thousands of years ago it was a philosophical truth that causes we make create effects. People made offerings to Buddhas and created altars to Gods, looking to create the most powerful causes to guarantee prosperity.

Next, it was an anecdotal social science, with people like Napoleon Hill writing books like “Think And Grow Rich” that promote the idea that you are your thoughts, and that thoughts become things. 

And now, it’s a subject being heavily researched and promoted by science, with mind-body medicine and wild amounts of sports psychology honing in on the capabilities of the mind beyond what we thought possible.

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After reading the extremely exciting Scientific American article “Your Thoughts Can Release Abilities Beyond Normal Limits” it became even more vibrantly clear that the idea of mindset creating life is not a woo-woo belief any more, even in the most stringent scientific circles :

“Our cognitive and physical abilities are in general limited, but our conceptions of the nature and extent of those limits may need revising. In many cases, thinking that we are limited is itself a limiting factor. There is accumulating evidence that suggests that our thoughts are often capable of extending our cognitive and physical limits.

….As this line of research advances, we will likely discover new ways of taking control of our mindsets. Weger and Loughnan, the researchers who improved people’s knowledge test results with a bogus prime, wrote, “People have significant psychological resources to improve their well-being and performance, but these resources often go unused and could be better harnessed.” The mind and body are not separate; our thoughts have remarkable control over our bodies; and our mindsets are capable of improving our brains’ performance.”

Of course, the whole article is exciting… yet it misses the very vital piece of the puzzle for everyone.

How do you do it?!

Steep yourself in what you want.

Literally immerse yourself in it.

Bathe in it. I love baths and that’s no surprise to people who know me. I concoct a new bath full of meaning almost every day, using crystals, essential oils and even flower essences to infuse my bath with the energy I want to create more of in my life so that I literally soak in it.  You can read more HERE about my ultimate detox baths… and even just starting with a cup of baking soda in your bathwater or a cup of Epsom salt, you’ll be steeping in clarity.

Write it out. Write what you want without a filter. Meaning: don’t write what you think you can do, but, rather, write what you want. And, don’t just make one list! Keep writing every day. I take a few minutes after journaling (or in place of it) to write out more and more of what clarifies the vision of what I want to create and each time through, every day, it makes more clear where I want to put my energy.

Carry reminders. A pocket filled with crystals that are meant to promote whatever you desire, a little journal you can carry with you… intention-filled jewelry… It’s all another level of infusion in the life you are creating every minute.

Create a home that is filled with it! Because it’s totally impossible to force your mind to think of something every minute (we have thousands of thoughts even in a minute!), and because heavy force of any kind is the opposite of creativity and abundance, it’s sheer magic to be surrounded with what you love.

If you deliberately design a space that expands your sense of growth and possibility, it makes anything possible because it’s everything you see… easily… freely… all around you!

Think about ways to add a greater sense of openness and possibility to your space. Doing a little home detoxing is a great first step.  HERE you can sign on to the free Life Detox Jump Start e-course and get the space more clear around you in the weeks ahead.  

Next level it by adding specifics to your design that message your goals and dreams in infinitely more clear ways.   Everything from aromatherapy and crystals to color and shapes all promote dream-creation in space and life. If you explore the Sensory Goodness section of the blog you can get so much inspiration in thousands of tips, or you can dive straight into your own Feng Shui in a simple, profound way with the Feng Shui 101 e-guide.  

When your space looks, feels, smells and even tastes like what you love and want… it’s the science of expanding your potential multiplied by infinite power. Everything you see everywhere around you creates a natural sense of how things are. A new reality is visible around you every day, and you design and refine that reality.

All you need to do is dare to dream and keep dreaming in bolder, more dimensional and more exciting ways!

xoxo Dana

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