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Jan 2, 2016 | Creativity


Epigenetics is the coolest science.  It’s the very rigorous science that’s a breakthrough, explaining how our genetic expression is influenced by lifestyle.  Thoughts, environments, food, sleep, habits… all shape who we are and how much we thrive.

My own mind is fixated on how to grow more and how to ramp up my own energy quotient.  Last year one of the biggest lessons I learned (from losing my voice 4 times while travelling cross country monthly) was that living a bigger life required a much bigger priority on rest and breaks as well as every kind of self love.  

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And now, let’s get into some of this Epigenetic awesomeness!

Your lifestyle dramatically impacts your genetic expression.  Genetics aren’t your destiny: they are just a bunch of templates that come into play depending on the lifestyle choices you make.

Stress.  Minimize it.

Diet.  Think: anti-inflammatory.

Exercise.  Just moving more makes a difference.

Sleep. It’s so vital.

Creativity.  It moves your life into higher levels of being.

Love. It’s everything…!

All of these things dramatically influence your cells, your energy fields and your overall wellbeing. In essence, your lifestyle affects the future far more than genetics.  And as you feel better, lighter, happier, more free… the results are resounding in your life!
While epigenetics doesn’t provide a quick fix, films like The Connection delve into just how profound your attitudes can infuence healing and living a vibrant life.   When I saw this film- even though I knew of the science before- I was buzzing and nearly floating with joy and power.   If you or someone you know needs a boost of spirit and belief to combat an illness or a down time, watch it and pass it on.  I’ve had so many people watch it simply because it’s so powerfully true, and many heavyweight doctors agree.

If you’re new to how biology is affected by lifestyle, Dr. Bruce Lipton is a must.   Watching his videos alone will expand your sense of what’s possible for both your mind and body to an unparalleled degree. His books are always beside me.  It’s awesome stuff.

And if you want more feng shui to glow more… here’s a dose of feng shui to make your life feel spectacular to make your cells vibrate with gorgeous joy!

You can make your world look however you want it to look!


xoxo Dana



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