How Art Brings You More Radiance And Wellness!

Jan 3, 2016 | Life With Art

Exploring art.  Melting into it. Living with more creativity. Making art. Turning life into art.  All of it.

Creative thoughts and vibes of art literally make your cells vibrate more glowingly!

Every day this month I’m sharing ways to glow more daily from the inside out and the outside in… all in the sprit of creating the highest vibe, happiest and most inspired New Year.

Art is everything harmonizing in life.

I’ve been saying this for years.  It’s why roaming through huge Manhattan museums saved my own life as a young teenager in a troubled place.   It’s why I promote The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron more than any book I’ve been involved with or even written myself.  It’s why art is the core of my life.

Creativity heals your life.

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I spied this quote from Deepak Chopra on Mystic Mamma this morning when I dove in for a dose of cosmic wisdom today:

“…Studies show that when we’re thinking creatively, or when we are feeling peaceful, or when we’re feeling love, those emotions generate a very coherent electromagnetic field. And that electromagnetic field is broadcast to the rest of your body.” ~ Deepak Chopra


Creativity is a resonance that makes your cells dance together in harmony.

Do you know what happens when you fall in love and you seem to sparkle?

That’s what art does.

It’s falling in love, evey day.


Creativity is centered in your body where both sexuality and financial well being are located.

Creative power in your body correlates to the energetic area of finances and money. When I have been stuck creatively, organizing my finances has helped open up my creative energy.  When you are creatively engaged, you are feeding, in a feng shui sense, your legacy. Some people say that artists are “typically” broke. Most artists I know who practice their art with full engagement always have money coming from somewhere, even if not directly from selling their art, because they recognize the need to have the resources to create more art…!!!

Also, creativity is fuel for your brain, helping it work at its fullest capacity, more integrated, powerful and present!

Ideas to glow more with art: read a great book, get into some gorgeous nature, fingerpaint or do some kids crafts… knit, crochet, draw or dance.  

Get lost in museums, on a roadtrip, taking photos…

You get the picture.  It’s endless, all the making of things and the doing of things.

All you have to do is take the first step and decide to light up your life!

Take the glow to the next-level and detox your whole life of anything but high vibe art and awesomeness.  You can sign on HERE to the free 5-part Life Detox Jump Start Course if you haven’t already… and set every day in a more dazzling direction!


xoxo Dana


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