Feng Shui Cures For The Winter Blues!

Jan 4, 2016 | Creativity, Sensory Goodness



Is Winter getting you down?  Over ten million Americans alone are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, the winter-onset depression that seems to hover over the darker and colder seasons.

It’s amazing how profoundly we’re all affected by light.  Light has a huge hand in setting our sleep cycles.  Light triggers happiness.  Light changes the colors we see all around us which affect us deeply.

If you are feeling a bit “meh” even though you have plenty of reasons to celebrate this season, today’s feng shui from Carol Olmstead is for you!

Seasonal Affective Disorder


Feng Shui Cures For the Winter Blues by Carol M. Olmstead

Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also know as the winter blues? Or maybe you’re experiencing a serious case of cabin fever? This kind of winter lethargy zaps your energy and all you want to do is crawl back into bed and sleep or eat sweets all day. Even people living in warm, sunny climates can experience the negative effects of the shorter winter days. Fortunately, Feng Shui can come to the rescue. Try these five tips to beat the winter blues:

1. Let There Be Light. Keep your lights on, even during the daytime, and consider replacing your current bulbs with full-spectrum versions that simulate natural daylight. You can also vary your light source to help raise your spirits, combining overhead, task, and floor lighting. In your workplace you can turn off the overhead fluorescents and bring in desk and floor lamps as alternatives. If you still have any of those CFL fluorescent, or “corkscrew,” light bulbs around, it’s long past time to replace them because their harsh energy is damaging to your health in general and their glare is especially negative if you suffer from SAD.

2. Light a Fire. Surround yourself with the hot, yang energy of Fire Element colors like shades of red and orange to warm up your surroundings and lift your spirits. Try to avoid surrounding yourself with the colors blue, gray, or black that represent dark, yin energy. If you have a fireplace use it as often as possible, and if you don’t have one, burn candles to counteract the darker days and long winter nights.

3. Soar to New Heights. Add a few new tall objects to your décor to symbolize upward growth, like tall plants, floor lamps, or high book cases. Add accessories in fabrics with vertical stripes and upward botanical patterns that will pull up your spirits, and avoid horizontal patterns that represent status quo rather than growth.

4. Clear Clutter. Clearing clutter is always a good Feng Shui recommendation, but it’s especially important when you suffer from SAD or winter blues because a clutter-free environment represents moving smoothly forward toward a clear future.

5. Heat Up Your Menu. Cook up some hearty stews and use spicy seasonings liberally to activate the Fire Element in your food. Serve your meals on red or orange plates and bowls to add even more Fire to your menu. Avoid eating cold foods during the winter month, and start to bring them back gradually as the days get longer.



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