Simple Feng Shui To Help You Through Big Life Transformations!

Jan 10, 2016 | Creativity

major life change

If you’re hoping to make a major life change, or if you’ve found yourself tossed in the midst of one you were not planning on (I’ve been there, it happens and it’s crazy when it does), it helps immensely to be simple with your life.

It’s a feng shui idea to help you emerge as a butterfly from every cocoon of obstacles.

You’ll feel instantly alive and well and shining.

You’ll have the energy to build a new paradigm for your life.

And… it’s so much refreshing fun.

Being simple is focused, grounded and easy.

If you’ve been starting your days in a panic, some simplicity is what you need.  When I feel unmotivated for a spell, uninspired or just checked-out I know I need to get back to simplicity in a huge way.  I drop the phone and pick up a journal.

Being simple puts attention on just one objective a day, not 30 or 40.  The to-do list gets swapped for one big step forward.  In a health crisis, my life each day had one big goal to meet to move my healing forward, whether it was waking an extra block outside or doing extra meditations indoors, there was a simple thing to do and it got done.

Being simple means that a day isn’t loaded up with stringent expectations, and every moment is enjoyed fully.  Science agrees that positive expectations lead to positive outcomes, yet too much control and a need to have things exactly fit your expectations in your exact way actually creates pressure and stress that squash your talent and joy.  Expect great things… and then let life roll!

Being simple is pure and easy. There’s a lot of sleep, food, positive thoughts and grounding activities. Crafts. Games. Open-heartedness.  Simplicity.  When I think of the type of simplicity that nourishes my life and has helped me and my clients for decades through times of big change, I think back to the days- as crazy as it might sound- before we had Internet.  More reading actual books and the Sunday paper, more get-togethers with friends, more walks, more quiet, more crystal clear images of life without noise.

You can get that simplicity back.  Walk away from the brarage of digital information and re-connect with yourself! Without the noise you can focus your power like a laser beam.

Being simple isn’t just for crisis times, though in times of big change, it’s vital.

I feel it’s something we should do every day, actually, for the sake of creating excellence.

Stripping back the full plate of to-do’s to just a few points of focus.  Nourishing life with our full attention and calm mind.  Letting less be more, and doing fewer things… but doing them exceptionally well.

Wishing you all the emerging greatness in the world…!  Whatever you’re faced with, you can do it!

xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!



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