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Jan 11, 2016 | Prosperity

citrine crystal

If you’ve been somewhat suffering in frustrated or defeated “waiting”  for the “one day” when you’re successful and can enjoy a flood of goodness, with a paradigm shift, today can be that day.  Every day can be that day!

One of the more helpful ways to know when you’ve achieved your own success is to actually define it for yourself.  

One of the more vibrant ways to stay focused and grateful for every day is to live a lifestyle that is your success, every single day.  

The big triumphs and highs will stand out… but every single day you’ll stop living in want and wishing and be deep in the creating and making and celebrating! 

Citrine is thought to be a “success” crystal.

While success is personal, this gorgeous faceted amber and gold hunk of the Earth is glittering with it’s own fabled powers that define so many universally great qualities of success, it was the inspiration to start thinking of success in a more dynamic way.

Here are a few of the characteristics of citrine in a metaphysical sense:

  • It does not absorb the negativity around it.
  • It is naturally abundant.
  • It thought to create harmony and connect you to your intuition. 

Living with all three of these qualities is not a small order, but it’s total bliss all the time, every day.

Define success on your own terms and live a lifestyle that promotes a feeling of fulfillment every single day.

Stop picking up the negativity around you every day.   Find ways to ignore or disengage from the negativity that drags life down.  Stay away from gossip.  Take steps away from blind anger.  Remind yourself how amazing you are if you’ve been unfairly criticized.


Try burning sage around you to purify your body.

Take baths in sea salt (at least a cup) to clean off the negativity that lingers.

pink nature

Stay in your natural abundance.  Find ways to live more abundantly even if it’s simple.  Start with daily self care, taking an extra few minutes to massage in some lotion,  or some time to enjoy a beautiful breakfast where you sit down and breathe and eat and feel nourished.

  • Pay attention to where you’ve been saying yes where you want to say no.  Every time you put yourself into places you don’t want or need to be, you lose your vibrance… and your time which is invaluable.
  • Pay attention to abundant symbols around you.  Fresh flowers with petals bursting open, healthy plants, an abundance of fruit in a bowl, a full piggy bank of change… Add natural and simple abundance all around you.
live your bliss

Live with harmony, using your intuition as a guide in the vastness of unknown situations… instead of fear. 

Fear is something that puts a stop to flow.

It goes something like this:  You have a great idea… you want to act upon it… you think too much… and the idea gets rejected into a pile of all other ideas too scary to try.

Think less and create much more.  Making art makes you balanced. Living life in a rich and fulfilling way makes momentum happen.  Ignoring the naysayers and thanking the critics, letting their hostility slide off of you makes for an unstoppable life.

Take even a few minutes- or hours!-  and write out what success means to you.

What does it look like? What does it feel like? How will you know when you’ve reached it? What are signs that you’ll see that you’re on the right track?

You can bring that energy to every day.  You can design it with feng shui into your home.  You can clear away even more negativity with a Life Detox (& you can start the feng shui Life Detox for free, right HERE)

When you live with success you have success all the time, and you grow that success every day.  The excitement alone will be irresistible!

xoxo Dana

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feng shui 101

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