Use Synergy To Make Big Dreams Come To Life Faster!

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I believe in synergy.  It’s a principle that is key in all science.  For our body to work, all our organs and energy systems need to be in coordination.  It’s a dynamic.  It brings all of life to life.

Synergy: the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc. (

In fact, synergy is part of everything created or creative if you think about it.

Even if you work alone creating a book or a business, you need people to interact with what you create.

There’s an exchange that happens for anything to come to life.

Even if your dream is to travel the world, the stops you take along the way involve a set of interactions and a synergy betwen people that brings life to life.

Even if you think you make everything happen in life on your own- as I used to think- if you’re dreaming of doing new and expanded things, there’s synergy involved.

Even in the most basic feng shui sense, if you redesign your home to create more success in your life, you’re looking to create a “click” of synergy that happens between you and your space where you gain more power from your environment.

The energy around you – in your life the people you work with, people on your social media, the people you live with in your home- is all part of synergy.

So today, let’s look at ways to bring that synergy to great heights.

Stay surrounded by light.  If you have negative people around you, if you’re struggling to break free from paradigms where things are  stuck, you might want to look at how you can design a life with far more synergy.  When you can make this “click” happen, you are supported everywhere you look.

In feng shui, that principal of a mirror is very important. If you’re focused on finding the way to more good, you have to be fixated on creating more good and bringing more good to every day, no matter what’s going on.

Not always easy.

It becomes easier when the space around you reflects more good.  In front of me are a blooming gift of flowers in a vase.  Behind me are a pile of books that feed me ideas.  Beside me is a kitchen filled with delicious food.  To my right, my sleeping puppy I love. 

Everything else that stands between beautiful visions- dishes in the sink, unopened mail- has to go.  

Check your space right now and see if it’s supporting your light, or if you’re blocked by frustrations and unfinished stuff that’s dimming your spark of synergy.  

Whatever needs to change, change it! 

Stop complaining. And stop with complainers.  Catherine Ponder, in her somewhat magical books on love and prosperity, calls it “hard-times talk.” We all need to vent about problems but it’s only useful when the intent is to create a solution.

During the Great Recession I was in a space where my life was clear of anything and anyone but the most supportive and productive people who were not looking at the grim ecomony as a problem.  I made more money that year than I did in any of the booming years before the crash. Then… I found some people who were fixated on limitations they didn’t want to change, and the closer they got to me, the more wobbly I felt… and the more money seemed to evaporate.

Complainers break down synergy.  If you are immersed in complaining and handling complaints where no solutions are brought to the table, you’re not getting the effect of “a total effect greater than the sum of the individual elements.”  You’re welcoming in a downward spiral.

Eliminating and limiting “hard times talk” is a revolution in itself. 

You may not think it is contagious, but it is.  And it’s like taking a step forward and two backward evey single day.  That’s not what any of us want to do!

Synergize bigger, together.  Share your dreams with the peole who can help make them come true with their energy and intention.  That’s possibly one or maybe two (or if you’re lucky, a few more) people who are 6,000,000% on board with creating the greatness you see, and supporting the greatness you want to make.  Greater momentum comes from sharing this synergy and deciding as a team to make each other’s dreams come true in spirit and in actions.  It’s how great teams are built, great lives come to life and big obstacles are overcome.

In Buddhism it’s called Itai Doshin: many on body, one in mind.

It’s the philosophical way that world peace is imagined to unfold: Synergy. More synergy.  And soon, a feeling of synergy and connection that consumes the globe.

The greater the collective agreement, the greater the momentum and impact.  Think about it, it’s how stories (even silly fun ones and weird ones) go viral on the Internet.

Find the people you vibe with 6,000,000% and give your all to them and accept their all for you.  It’s thrilling.

Sharing your dreams with people who aren’t on board 6,000,000% breaks down synergy.  You’re open to constructive criticism from people who haven’t constructed anything themselves.  You’re open to “reality checks” that are based on someone elses bleak view of reality.

Even if you don’t have your partners in synergy yet (*you will find them!!!) , eliminating the naysayers from the mix is such a huge boost to your power.  It’s like throwing away the trash and washing the dishes and clearing the clutter— it creates clear space for amazing new things to rush in!

While I once believed we are all meant to do our thing individually, every sngle day I see more of the need for a collective coming together.

I asked a friend who is vastly accomplished what to do when you want to go to the next level and don’t know how.

“Bring in more people.”

I asked a spiritual leader how to do more in the world on a higher level.

“Share with others.”

Every time I ask for how, the need for teammates and helpers and greater synergy is the answer.

Every time I’ve done it, it’s been vital.

Stay light.  Stay strong. And synergize bigger.

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana



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1 Comment

  1. Rebecca

    This makes so much sense!
    I’ve been putting so much of my energy into creating a more synergistic life. I’ve been putting all the good info, tips, energy to use.
    And then my husband comes home and sucks all the good energy out and replaced it with his discontent.
    He’s not always like this, but it happens way more than is ok with me.
    We’ve talked about it a lot. How his anger and frustration with life and with his place of work feels like it is being taken out on me, and the home I’ve been working so hard to get into flow.
    He feels bad. I know he doesn’t want to be this way, but every suggestion I make to improve his situation and frame of mind is met with negativity and why it won’t work, before he even gives it a second thought.
    It’s frustrating, it’s hurtful, and harmful to me, our 2.5year old, and himself.
    As an example, when he’s in a mood, he’ll say things like: I can never win. or Why does everything have to be so hard? Or he expresses dissatisfaction and disappointment with friends or even me!
    I just don’t know what to do or say to help him anymore.
    I know that i can keep taking care of myself and my son. And continue focusing my energies on bettering myself, my career, and the physical aspects of my home, but beyond that, I’m at a loss.
    I don’t want to leave him, he’s a good father and loves us both as much as someone who is obviously experiencing inner turmoil can, but it gets to the point that I contemplate leaving a lot.
    I know this comment is full of anguish and negativity, and understand if you take it down. I would. I can feel it bringing me down as I type it.
    I apologize for not putting it in an email, but it just started coming out this way. So, I’m going with it.
    I love and appreciate you, and the wisdom you share on this blog, so much.
    You have helped me in so many ways, and your down-to-earth humbleness, and genuine warmth, and kindness comes through in every post.
    Thank you, for sharing of yourself, and for following your hearts path. It gives all of your readers permission and inspiration to do the same, and has helped lift me up to a higher vision of me. I hope that by doing it myself, it will give my husband the same inspiration and permission to do it too.
    Thank you, with deepest and warmest regards,
    Rebecca Lee


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