My Favorite Daily Dry Brush Skin Detox To Glow!

Jan 14, 2016 | The Beautiful

dry brush skin detox

Today’s natural beauty is all about keeping your skin fresh and nourished, and your circulation alive and vital!  Dry Brushing has been nothing but awesome for me, and I hope you love it, too!

clear your head at the ocean

Above is how I want to start every day… the sand scouring my feet, walking out into the ocean… but… with no sweater on, about 85 degrees and sunny, letting the sea and salt and sand scour every ounce of skin until I’m glowing.  I’ll save that till vacation… and later this Summer… but for now, my daily glow is all about a dry brush.

A dry brush can help your skin to detox and rejuvenate.  Some believe as you use the brush you detox and rejuvenate your whole body.
It’s crazy when you learn your skin is actually an organ, and the largest organ there is… ! Or, it was crazy for me!  When your skin is clear, when pores are open and the dead cells are swept away, your skin can absorb all the vitamins and nutrients you add to your body.  If you exfoliate your face, more of your natural treatment goodies will penetrate.  On your whole body, the effect is so dramatic.
Idea: get a simple natural bristle brush (easy to find at health food stores) and brush your dry skin before a shower or a salt bath.

Start at your feet, brushing each foot and leg in strokes toward the center of your body, from your toes to your thighs.  Same for arms, from fingertips to shoulders. Brush your back (a partner helps 😉 straight up and your stomach in clockwise circles.

This also wakes up your electrical energy meridians that add extra glow to your life in a fantastic, aura-glowy way!

Start off gentle with your pressure in each stroke, and as you get used to it over the days and weeks,  increase the pressure to have a more powerful effect.

Hop in a shower or salt bath (one cup of sea salt OR two cups Epsom salt in a big hot bath), and finish with a truly natural moisturizer or my favorite, tons of virgin coconut oil while you’re still wet.

Super-glowy effect. Plus it wakes up your whole body!

xoxo Dana



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