7 Ways To Use Mercury Retrograde To Make All Of Your Relationships Spectacular!

Jan 16, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

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While I love Mercury Retrograde intensely, it’s influence is real for me. I mean that in the most shake-me-up kind of way. I like shake ups in general because, like clearing clutter, they bring to the surface what’s been swept under the rug. Or, where communication is concerned, what’s been unsaid, unheard or not acknowledged.

While anything you’ve ignored, suppressed or otherwise held inside as a habit or pattern that’s boiling up can fly out at any moment, Mercury Retrograde seems to increasingly have the ability to return my own life to things I’ve skipped over or refused to hear or say.

If you’ve feared Retrograde or found your relationships and communication in a tailspin, these awesome ideas can help you make the most instructive and incredible use of a wild cosmic time to become more clear, self-expressed and a bigger, better person!

well done better than well said

It’s vital to both speak and live your truth.

Just when you think you are smooth sailing through life, and all your karmic good deeds have paid off, you feel you are being thrown a huge hurdle to climb to get the most simple task accomplished.   This can be the result of Mercury, the astrological demon to some when it’s in Retrograde.

There are so many ways our communication can go awry… and with a little presence and patience and meditation and self-reflection, the lessons of Retrogrades can be the best ones for all the relationships in your life.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication , truth and thinking. When it goes in retrograde, despite what the term retrograde might insinuate, Mercury is only appearing to move backwards, since planets do not actually travel in the opposite direction. Just like the planet seems to be moving backward, so do many aspects of your life, particularly your forms of communication. This astrological occurrence can cause many electronic devices to all of a sudden go haywire. It can also cause rifts in relationships, due to it’s effect on our ability to think clearly and communicate.

While there are lots of free-floating fears around love in Retrogrades of Mercury, it’s good to start by noting that Venus Retrograde is really where love comes to light.  Mercury Retrogrades carry the theme of communication that is essential to all love and connection, though, so it’s no wonder that during this time all our relationships become more spotlighted.

This can be for the very best!

Here are some tips to keep the faith and persevere – and strengthen all the ties in your life- during this time:

1.In a relationship? Larry Schwimmer advises taking the time to sit down with your partner and resolve your differences if any were unsaid or still lingering.  His advice is to not break up with a person you are in a loving relationship with (key: loving!), but, rather wait till Retrograde is over and access the situation.  This is a big one friends!  Don’t be petty. See your responsibility in all your differences.  It can make or break the best of relationships, and great love is a great gift!

2. If you have a hard time expressing yourself in general, take the Retrograde to fortify your home with more self-expressive power.  THESE tips to help you to help you become more self-expressed can help you to start speaking your true feelings.

3.Back up your computer. Kathryn Andren, Astrologer and writer for Astrology Hub, suggests that you keep your communications backed up digitally.  A good tip for any time of the year, but a great reminder to do it the few times a year that Mercury Retrograde arrives.

4. Exercise patience with all your loved ones. Stephanie Dempsey Astrologer, writer for Daily Horoscope, suggest being more patient and more accepting during this time… more great advice to carry with you always, since we’re all imperfect and you can’t just love people for their good!

5. Break your own emotional and communication habits that are destructive. If you are quick tempered or have strong emotional reactions that are way too much in general… perhaps it’s time to dig in and handle traumas and issues that have nothing to do with the person you are in conflict with, and everything to do with your past!  Alexis Smart Flower Remedies are my go-to in these times, to dig in and make an emotional shift.

6. Remember you are riding a roller coaster. My dear affection for the AstroTwins is unending, and their practical advice for the ups and downs of Retrograde is sound and empowering.  You can read their guide to love during Mercury’s slow downs HERE.  Life isn’t all a straight line, and managing the highs and lows of all times can help you stay on the solid middle path where things grow no matter what’s happening!

7. Be open to everything that gets shaken up.  Remember that we need to be shaken to grow.  If you have toxic ties, now’s a great time to be rid of them.  If you are trying to sweep stuff under the carpet, you’ll only benefit from clearing things out!  No matter how much things seem to “blow up” that have been suppressed… when you clear out the clutter you can’t help but soar.  Apply that to your whole home – clearing out the junk- as well as your life- and you’ll soar!



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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!


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