4 Feng Shui Ideas That Make Seemingly Impossible Things Very Possible!

Jan 20, 2016 | Prosperity

you must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible

There are many people I know who believe with every single cell in their body that everything is possible.

Not only do they believe, they live it.

In their space of infinite possibility, their lives reflect this with empires of creativity, abundant love and joy all over the place.  They aren’t all zillionaires- in fact, two don’t care at all about money much- but they are all odds-beating, life-changing, fully-expressed and astonishing balls of light.

What would life be like if we all lived like that, all the time?  What would your own life look like if you actually lived that huge infinite possibility all the time? 

immerse yourself

I’ve always believed with every single cell in my body in the infinity of possibility.  About 10 years ago I had to dig in and ask myself if I was really living in that sense of infinite possibility, because my life was a shambles on the highest order.

Back then I lived in that space of possibility maybe 20% of the time.  I had moments of magic in art or incredible adventures, but I didn’t create my days.  I floated through life.  I wanted other people’s answers. I wanted a guide book to what was right for me to do.

Too many “rational” thoughts, “irrational” fears… too much stuff that was lurking in my life… I was leaning into “the reality of things” instead of making the reality of things.

I see it all the time.  I work with people who know everything is possible, they share that everything is possible… but they don’t live it most of the time because of ideas about reality that keep things a certain way.

We are each the reality of things. 

I’m obsessed with the Carl Sagan quote ” If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” 

That idea is enormous.  Every single moment we create the universe.

So, when I saw that even though I ran around talking about how anything was possible that only about 20% of the time I was actually living with a sense that I could create the universe in a fantastic way, the disconnect was incredible.  Shocking.  And freeing.

The only reason my life looked as it did – in the places where I was stuck, lonely and introverted- was my own creation.

It didn’t matter what philosophy I touted.  It mattered what I was doing every single day.

How much do you believe in the infinity of the universe? Do you believe everything is possible?  More importantly, how much do you live in that sense of infinite possibility ?

Feng shui teaches that your life is a mirror of you.  That profound simplicity moves mountains.

Using this stuff of feng shui on myself first, I started to clear away all the junk in the way of infinite possibility.  Life expanded dramatically in ways that were surreal.  None of it was overnight… but when I look back, each definitve change was a new chapter.  Living it 30%… 40%… Each change built on the next.

It still does, all the time.

I always find places I’ve been lazy, where I haven’t tried or haven’t believed it was possible…And now there are a few core ideas that help me get into the frame of mind- and the stream of energy- where I see and feel that I’m creating the universe every day.

These simple ideas can help you see where you can open up the door to more possibility and create more possibility:

Connection. That’s Tao.  Where do you connect to life? Where are you in flow? Where are you blindly accepting that things have to stay a certain way?

I have a friend who loves intense architecture and famous houses.  She always visits them.  Her friends love them. She’s immersed in looking at them.  One after another, she’s invited to stay at them.  She’s used to it now.  It’s possible. That’s her reality.

That’s a small but fun example.

Wherever something is impossible, there’s no way to connect to it.  When you make a connection, even in small ways that grow, you start making life happen rather than just floating past it.

Clarity.  Every single bit of great achievement throughout history of the world wasn’t a fuzzy idea.  We’re so bombarded with ideas these days that it’s easy to get fuzzy and overwhelmed with sensory input.

Wherever you’re not clear, things likely aren’t easy to go after.  I mean, would you hire a person to help you who had sort of an idea of what they wanted to do to help you?

Exactly.  You wouldn’t.  So it’s hard to expect big things to land on you if you have no idea really what you want, you know?  Funny enough, I used to feel doomed and feel like things were impossible to have because they weren’t just falling on me… but I had no clear idea of what I wanted and I certainly wasn’t going after it with clarity.

The more clear space you have around you, the more you can focus.  You can fill in the picture of your dreams with details that are compelling and actually possible!

Big excitement. So simple.  If I don’t feel love and care and excitement in a home, I know it’s not helping the people who live there.  It’s reflecting their numbness in some way, in the ways that a less-than-great reality has been accepted.

Get excited about what you see from the minute you wake up to every step through your day… and watch the possiblity expand around you.

Welcome.  Are you actually letting things into your life? Are you open to them when they show up?

I’ve actually almost turned down very big things because of my own lack of welcome!

Your home should welcome in the new.  It shoud be inviting, even if it’s tiny.  Some of the smallest spaces I’ve been in are my favorite because they were created with welcome in mind.

There are infinite ways to wake up to more possibility.  The most simple and profound I’ve found is to surround yourself with infinite possibility.   You can start your own feng shui right now (this easy guide can walk you through) , changing your space to create more of that welcome.  You can decide to do more of what you love every single day, not letting “time” be a reason you can’t do it.  You can start on a dream project today, even the smallest step.

Everything is possible.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all lived it as a lifestyle?

My impossibly-possible dream is that this idea becomes an everyday reality for all of us.

Let’s do it!

xoxo Dana

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