DIY Shining Hair Mask

Jan 20, 2016 | The Beautiful

hair mask Today’s #GlowMoreDaily is a simple shiny hair mask that I’m about to bring into the shower for my weekly treat!    Full of lemon to clarify your scalp, oils and protien to nourish and moisturize, this is a refreshing, delicious potion that helps hair to grow and to glow!
Always try to keep leafy green plants, lush towels (I love Pendelton so much its crazy)  and natural beauty products in your bathroom for A+ feng shui vibes.

The best hair mask I know for weekly nourishment and glow is refreshing for your scalp, parched hair and your senses, too!
Although ingesting foods rich in antioxidants and protein can help procure a luscious mane of hair and glowing skin, combining and applying these natural elixirs can be equally, if not more beneficial.
Here is a recipe for a moisturizing and strengthening hair mask that also helps reduce the build up of store bought shampoos, conditioners, dust, and dead skin cells that can otherwise clog the follicles in your scalp….thus inhibiting hair growth. Set your tresses free!
Shining Hair Mask:
1 half of a lemon squeezed
2 tbls olive oil
1 egg beaten

Directions for use:

1. Combine all ingredients and whisk well
2. Shampoo hair, towel dry and gently comb hair
3. Apply the mask to hair, being careful not to get any around your face. (Lemon juice is very acidic and can cause burning in your eyes)
4. Leave mask on until it is dry and hardened. (This could take up to 20 minutes. The more towel dry your hair is, the faster this will take)
5. Rinse hair with warm NOT HOT water.

Repeat this weekly for stronger, healthier, shining hair!

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xoxo Dana



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