35 Minutes Of Cardio A Day Will Change Your Life In A Zillion Ways!

Jan 21, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

why we need 15 minutes of cardio

While I imagine chasing the dogs around and running around town is extensive exercise, the little Health app on my iPhone disagrees.

At the height of writing, photographing and creating at home and on locations, I’ve been logging less that 3000 steps a day on my phone app.  For those on you uninitiated in the world of pedometers and phone apps that track your steps, 3000 steps a day is considered… sedentary.

It’s considered sedentary even if you’re super-skinny.  Even if you eat veggies all day.  Even if you take perfect vitamins.  It’s sedentary.  And if you look at the long list of scary health problems caused by being sedentary (as I did, in a full blown panic) you’ll see many reasons to start moving around…right now!

35 Minutes Of Big Motion a day is today’s #GlowMoreDaily! 

dana claudat

Since I started running about 10 miles a week, nothing too tough, my whole mind is re-vamped.

I’m sleeping deeper (and I thought I was sleeping great already- yet it’s a night and day difference!), I’m standing straighter, ideas are flowing, I get much more done, I’m more confident and feel more electric.

That’s a whole lot of benefit!

When I’m not running, I’ll do some yoga… or THIS:

jane fonda original workout

This is my favorite part of childhood, doing these Jane Fonda workout tapes with my mom! I’m about to do one right now, they get me soooo excited. I own every once of these original VHS and seeing them on You Tube is a thrill!

If you can overcome the initial mental resistance, you’ll fall in love with cardio, with notion, with activity…

I know: sometimes your body and mind can become your own personal battlefield.

It’s time to wake up, sit, up and exercise yourself to a better life.

Exercise makes you more in charge of your body, your health, and your mind. When you actively choose to go out and do something to attain a better internal machine, inside and out, it has powerful effects on how you render your perspective lens for the rest of your day. Get more physical. Swim, run, walk, dance, do some housework, whatever your activity stay moving, because it has great effects on your over all mood and health.

According to the Mayo Clinic Exercise can:

  • Help you maintain healthy body mass
  • Increase your stamina and lessen fatigue
  • Kick start your immune system, making you less susceptible to colds and flus.
  • Reduces your health risks including, but not limited to, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and reduced risk of osteoporosis.

You can learn more of the Mayo findings on cardio right HERE. 

  • Sharpen Your Mind! A study at the University of British Columbia found that regular aerobic exercise exhilarates your heart race and sweat glands, which in turn enhances verbal memory and learning. (A more full report on the study is HERE)
  • Sleep Better. The National Sleep Foundation reported that people who regularly exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week fall asleep faster than their counterparts, 54% faster versus 37%.  (Learn more on this study HERE)
  • Decrease Anxiety! 40 million adults are known to struggle with anxiety disorder in the U.S alone. Exercise can reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. The effects may be temporary, but can turn around a depressed mood. (More HERE) 
  • Flood Your Body With Happiness! When you exercise and do aerobic activities, your body releases a chemical called endorphins. They not only protect you from feeling pain, but uplift your mood.

Had I known what a big deal this would be for my whole life, I would have started this sooooo much sooner.  But, now’s always the best time!

xoxo Dana

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