8 Ways To Kick-Start A Dramatically Empowered Creative Life!

Jan 21, 2016 | Creativity

opans from crystal cactus

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These opals struck me like a lightning bolt.

Ever since I was a small child and first admired slivers of this opalescent stone in my mom’s 80’s jewelry, I was hooked on their swirly, holographic magic.

Charms of Light writes about opal brilliantly: “Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. It stimulates originality and creativity. Helps to release anger and claim self-worth, aiding in accessing and expressing one’s true self. Opal strengthens memory. It encourages an interest in the arts.”

I love opal intensely and today it’s message is 100% on point. I’ve been swimming in art, pouring through research and experimenting like mad… and it’s been all about living a more creative life. No matter how far I fly in a direction- from the metaphysical to the scientific- I come back to core basics.

We are all creative. And the more creatively expressed we are, the more likely we are to make our best lives happen in every way imaginable. Chances are if you’re working hard and not really moving forward the way you wish you were, a dose of creativity can be game-changing.

Dramatic. Powerful. Awesome. Fun.


Ready to get to creating?!

multicolored succulents from crystal tribe

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7 Ways To Infuse Your Life With Creativity

1.Start early in the day.  My creativity-sparking secret is to get up earlier than I need to, grab a blank book and write and write and write early in the morning before I even get out of bed. If you’re not a morning person yet, THESE feng shui tips can help!  Why early?

This article in BufferSocial explains:

“…creativity peaks in the morning as the creative connections in our brains are most active. If you believe that creativity is your best source for ideation, then the early morning should be your best time for new thoughts.”

2. Dance in the world of crystals.  Wearing crystal jewelry, plunking a great crystal on your desk, carrying a satchel of crystals in your purse, even taking baths with quartz crystals…all are hyper-creative and fun to do. While I do feel their actual energy, for our purposes let’s get into the story of crystals. Each has a story and fabled powers.   Sprinkling your life with these stories and great beauty is truly inspiring. You can start HERE to learn more about crystal basics. 

3. Learn to draw.  Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards will walk you through how to draw in just a few days. Really. You can. The process of learning to draw and the way it makes you see life from a fresh angle is life-opening on every level. Her methods have been taught to major business executives and teams with immense creative success translating into huge business success…all from learning how to draw.

colorful salad

4. Beautify your food.  When food is more attractive it’s been proven to be more nourishing (yes, science!) and taking that kind of care with food and pride in food infuses it with love. Set up attractive plates. Get that parsley for fresh garnishes. Create a spectrum of color. This is life-expanding!

5. Exercise.  When you get into exercise you tap into creative flow.  Walks count big-time.

6. Socialize more.  While the creative process can sometimes be solitary, inspiration is often about synergy with others.

7. Read BOOKS!  Reading is a powerful tool for life expansion.

The Creative Market blog explains the actual meditative value of reading in an astonishing way:

” Allowing the mind to concentrate and escape into a literary world eases the tensions in the rest of the body. In fact, a recent study showed that it only takes 6 minutes of reading to slow your heart rate and ease tension in your muscles. That same study states that this is “more than merely a distraction but an active engaging of the imagination as the words on the printed page stimulate your creativity and cause you to enter what is essentially an altered state of consciousness.” (this research was sourced from Telegraph UK)

8. And, of course, actually take time to be still, be chill and meditate.  Let the quiet be a vacuum that sucks into your life all the right people, places, ideas, and adventures to unfold your creative magic brilliantly!

Your rewards for having this much fun will be exponentially fantastic!

xoxo Dana

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There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

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creating genius creativity book

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Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

xoxo Dana


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