Banana Peel Tooth Whitening

Jan 23, 2016 | The Beautiful


In the world of weird beauty, this tip has gone past me on Pinterest a number of times and left me cold… until the day (yesterday!) that I started researching alternatives to whitening toothpaste.

And I tried it.

Banana Peel Tooth Whitening.

It’s one of the weirder and somewhat intriguing  #GlowMoreDaily tips… right here for you to try, today!

First off, I should say that this isn’t an insta-white-tooth solution, but by all accounts, even from dentists, it seems to have no adverse effect on toot enamel and might even be great for it, in fact, so here we go!

Natural, no-side-effect tooth whitening… With banana peels!

Banana peels contain minerals that are thought to whiten teeth safely, naturally and chemical-free. Minerals such as potassium, magnesium and manganese are thought to absorb into your teeth to make them stronger and whiten them.

Idea: get a ripe banana, peel and eat it! Now, take a piece of the peel and rub the inside of it (the part that was closed to the fruit) on your teeth for about 2 minutes.

Note: 2 minutes is a long time…! The peel will sort of dematerialize and when it did, I found a new spot on the peel to use to scrub.  It’s not the most elegant process.

Now rinse well, once you’re done.  Then floss, brush and observe.  It seems that the dramatic changes are from people who repeat morning and night for a few days.

I really did (and was shocked!) notice a bit brighter difference right away…! At the very least I can say my teeth freel really clean and smooth, and that’s pretty great in itself!

If you try it, please let me know how it goes. I’m going to stay on my 2x a day regime and see what happens! I’ll update this & let you know!

xoxo Dana



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