Feng Shui To Make Impossible Dreams Come True!

Jan 28, 2016 | Creativity



If you decide to change your life, for sure you can.

If you deliberately change your space- including new habits and routines that move energy around that space in new ways – you can shift life to make some impossible dreams become real.

This is the feng shui that makes me so excited I can barely sit still!

do the impossible

If you’re whole life is packed with obligations and to-do’s and stuff and more stuff, yet you dream about a whole different lifestyle, a whole new career, a new social life, a big relationship, a bigger family, a way bigger bank account, a bigger future…

Then… you know… you want these things relatively soon. Like right now. Or yesterday.

These dreams, the more crystal clear and the more exciting they are, bring a sort of enchantment to life if you decide to go for them. Especially the huge ones that seem almost impossible.

And when you go for them, you might run up against one very big obstacle:

Life is already really full. And so much energy goes into mainting things as they are… there’s no way to put energy into anything more. Even though you can see it, feel it, you visualize it… you do all the “manifestation” techniques in the world… 

That’s a big conflict.

How will you have the time to spend with your new love, the energy to makeover your career, the space for the new in general?

Pretty impossible.  Or, totally possible… if you’re willing to reorganize the universe.

I bet you’re ready!

Before I started in this world of feng shui and design and lifestyling I was a creative director of big lives.  Moguls.  Powerhouses.  People who defied what was possible.  It was a really great study in what it took to get from surviving to thriving… and also a learning lesson in how I’d do it with my own version of balance in mind.

While I’m not a self-described powerhouse mogul (!) I can tell you that it took a lot of watching and learning and changing and doing in new ways, following some really great examples that I had, to get from those days to these days.

Every single step ahead, every new project and every time something new comes along- from running a marathon to running a new kind of business- the whole game changes. My home changes, too.

When you re-design your environment and re-vamp your energy, impossible things become very possible.

Something bigger requires a much bigger life. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns… it’s also… making space much bigger and making bigger things happen!

Have a plan. It doesn’t matter if your plan is wrong, it only really matters that your plan is focusd and it gets you from where you are into a place of action.  Some sort of plan makes energy get focused and not dispursed in a zillion weak directions.

Get up with the sun. (And do the plan.)  When you’re in synch with Nature you’re really powerful.  When you’re up earlier, you suddenly have more hours to actually do your plan.  It’s the most common habit all world-leader-types share: up super-early.  I know, you might not be a morning person yet (these tips can help)… but if you really want what you want, you’ll find a way to fit in more time.

Clear space.  You need space in your home, space in your schedule and space in your calendar to make a bigger life a reality.  If you don’t do this, you’ll wind up in the space I see people every day.  Wishing.  “I wish I had the time… I wish I had the space to do it…I wish… I wish…” 

We all can do it.

Set crazy-impossible deadlines to get things done.  Without deadlines, you won’t feel the waves of resourcefulness and you won’t feel the waves of inspiration.  Make sure they’re deadlines to DO something, not to HAVE something happen.  Putting a deadline on winning the lottery (much more out of your control) is very different from a deadline to finish writing a draft of a script.

Change your “I can’t” to “I can”!   We all know this: Limiting beliefs keep us small and create failure. Expansive thoughts make life exciting, positive and full of bliss.

You might even be thinking ” Well, I believe everything is possible… I have no limits…I’m super-positive…”

And that may be true… until… you start working toward something you really want and the stakes get high and suddenly all the weird ideas and stuff that kept you from starting in the first place fly up and stare you in the face.

If that happens, it’s a breakthrough.  I’ve seen so many of my own insecurities, terribly limiting beliefs and stubbornness emerge in times where impossible dreams were on the road to coming true.  I do all the time. It’s fine.  Create anyway.  That’s what the people I admire seem to do.  They just do it, anyway.  It’s not easy, but it’s gotta get done!

This vintage You Tube is all about being more unlimited.  It was back when I had some pretty impossible dreams come true in a row.  I love it, still.

Stay in love.  Stay in that space where you love what you’re doing more than anything.

Love is the best miracle-maker when it’s teamed up with your dreams.

xoxo Dana

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