8 Big Reasons To Focus On What’s Right!

Jan 30, 2016 | Creativity

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I know this from doing it all wrong.  Raised with perfection as a supposedly attainable state,  I spent much of my life looking at everything wrong and looking out for more wrong…

It springs from a well-meaning place: wanting to be a better person or to improve life in some way.  Fixing problems, expanding, creating… I live for this stuff.   It’s noble and awesome to always want to push the envelope and grow as a person, you know?

That fine idea can get warped when you focus in on what’s wrong in the name of “making it right.”

I’ve been guilty of this way too many times.  It’s like a toxic tornado.

Suddenly, from the place of what’s wrong you just see more wrong.  And if you go down this road, it ends in everything being wrong.  Even things that started out perfectly fine become dreadfully wrong.

Have you done it?

Are you doing it now?

As simplistic as it might sound, I bet you’ll find solutions and you’ll soar and feel fantastic if you stop right now and focus on what’s right.

The fastest way to totally ruin your life is to focus on what’s wrong. This has nothing to do with running around in a haze pretending that your problems aren’t real.  This has everything to do with focus on solutions.

8 Big Huge Reasons to Focus On What’s Right (!!!)

1.You’ll have more of what’s right.  I can find you lots of studies that corroborate this very basic idea: your mind will find proof of what you believe and focus on.   Having re-read just about every classic self-help book of the last 60 years in the last 6 months for my online Camps, the vast examples of people who focused in on their fiancial lack rather than on creating abundance only to wind up broke is intense.  People who avoid talking about their small problems seem to have less problems in general.  People who are critical to their partners and friends and fear abandoment or betrayals wind up, somehow, abandoned or betrayed.  Better to focus in on the good, you know?!

2.You’ll be a positive influence.  I love this example offered by Christie Marie Sheldon’s  Love Or Above. She explains that Dr. William Braud studied how cells were affected by thoughts, and his experiments reaped the following results:

“One of Dr. Braud’s many experiments showed that people could slow down the rate that red blood cells die in a lab dish. Though the effect was small, the results proved significant beyond chance and were replicable by other scientists. This proved that our thoughts and energy directly affects the things around us!”  (read it all here!)

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3. You’ll set an example because you’ll be open to give to others much more freely.  While some leaders focus on what’s wrong, it’s game-changing idealists who can see what’s right (love, peace, freedom) and let that be the guide. These are the people we admire universally.  We can all be these people!

4. When you see what’s right… you’ll be able to spot the weak links and fix them without things getting negative and overwhelming.   When you only see what’s wrong, you’ll have a whole list of reasons to not like life very much, and you will BECOME the weak link in the lives of people around you.  Trust me. I’ve been that weak link. It’s not fun.  It adds stress upon stress to realize you’re burdening the people you love with problems you’re generating in mass amounts.  Let go of it now and focus on what’s right.

5. Seeing what’s beautiful and wonderful around you helps you deeply connect to the present moment. That’s where everything becomes possible and exciting and inspiring. In feng shui, it’s TAO.  We all need that Tao connection deeply.

6. You’ll have more energy. A LOT more energy.

7. You’ll find solutions to what’s wrong with so much ease.  Creativity capitalizes on strengths.  When you start with everthing that’s right about you, every right idea, every great-feeling instinct… you’ll be able to build and build creatively with far less of a “battle.”

8. Being critical and problem-focused can become an identity in itself…. a false and negative identity.  You might “give up” in some ways: no longer care to socialize, no longer feel self-esteem… Your house might be a mess of clutter, and I bet it is.   If you’ve been self-critically honing in on everything wrong, when you set your focus on what’s right, you’ll remember who you are and you’ll start dumping, polishing, weeding and making room for the new to arrive.

Life-changing stuff.

So much to gain.

Nothing to lose.

Try it now!

Start listing off everything that’s great around you. Say it out loud.  Keep going.  The crystal doorknob counts.  Your favorite clothes count.  That pen that writes awesomely counts.  And then extend it wider and farther out into the world… See the good in people… See the light all over the place…

Flip problems into solutions.  Make plans that play up your strengths.  Shine much more.

I’m excited to hear what happens!

xoxo Dana

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