Bedroom Feng Shui To Make More Room For Love!

Feb 1, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

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Everyone wants love, more love and more love.

And of course it starts with feeling love inside…giving love freely… and magnetizing love everywhere you go!  Here’s some amazing Valentine feng shui from Carol Olmstead for magnetizing year-round love! 

Valentine’s Day Tips For Your Bedroom by Carol M. Olmstead, Feng Shui For Real Life

Need to heat up your romance this Valentine’s Day – or attract love into your life? A few subtle Feng Shui changes in your bedroom can help rev up your love life. A bedroom should be a room reserved for rest and romance and nothing else, which means getting rid of the office work, family photos, clutter, and anything that distracts you.

Here are my top five Feng Shui changes for your bedroom:

* Remove the family photographs and replace them with a current photo of you and your spouse or partner. That means unless you’re newlyweds, you need something that’s newer than your wedding photo. I get more grief from clients over this suggestion than any other tip I offer. Of course you love your children, parents, and pets, but your romance will improve if they aren’t staring at you when you’re in bed.

*Purge the room of all work-related materials. That means moving the laptop and cell phone out of the room. If you have to use part of your bedroom as an office, screen it off at night with a floor screen or standing plants. If I can’t convince you to leave your cell in another room at bedtime, at least try to keep it far away from your night table.


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* Move out the stuffed animals, dolls, and the excessive number of pillows from the bed. This one is especially important if you’re trying to attract a relationship because when you sleep with all that stuff on your bed it means there’s no room for a partner to join you.

* Replace mismatched night tables with a pair. This doesn’t mean you need a “matchy-matchy” set if that’s not your style, but it does mean that you need two tables and that both should match in importance if you want to encourage equality and harmony in your relationship. When one partner has a beautiful piece of furniture on his or her side of the bed and the other only has a temporary folding table, it sends the wrong message.

* Hang romantic artwork and display objects in pairs. This symbolizes a committed relationship. Make sure that everything around you feels coupled and connected – by your definition, not mine – in order to encourage romance.

* If you’re worried about spending another Valentine’s Day alone, invite a new love into your life by clearing out some space in your bedroom closet, medicine cabinet, and fridge to make room for a lover’s possessions.

Thank you Carol. I love, love, love this bedroom love space-making!  xoxo Dana

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  1. Carol Olmstead

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Dana. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day full of love!


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