Feng Shui To Read Your Intuitive Feelings In A Clear Way

Feb 1, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

trust your gut

What you feel is never wrong, and any time you feel it is… please remind yourself, it’s not. It’s a feeling and it’s real.

It can be hard to interpret these feelings because there are so many sensations that can spin us off in different directions. If the world is your mirror- and largely it is- trust that what you see is a reflection of what you feel.

If you’re disorganized, cluttered or overwhelmed, it can be hard to get a read on your feelings. It doesn’t mean they aren’t real, it can just be hard to interpret the signals. There’s a big difference between hurt and angry, or between rejected and under appreciated, anxious and ill-at-ease.

If you’re really disconnected, making assumptions and collecting evidence to support those assumptions is the next wave of being far from your center. It’s super destructive.

When things are off kilter, your intuition is working on overdrive and everything centers in your mind. It’s like your head takes over and then everything becomes very powerfully confusing.

If you’ve been there you know what I mean. I think we’ve all been there.

If you’re feeling wobbly about what’s right and what’s wrong but you have all kinds of feelings that are telling you to take action, there are three things that I’ve learned over a long time that might be able to help you trust yourself with clarity in a beautiful way.

love yourself sacredly

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I’ll tell you when I know I’m in intuitive trouble. I crave some sort of advice so intensely that I don’t know myself and my true feelings any more.

1. Get grounded. Every healer, every acupuncturist, every sage and even doctors now stress the importance of Mindfulness. Some call it “feeling grounded.” It’s the feeling that your feet are firmly planted on the ground, that the world is feeding you energy from its core. For many, that feeling is foreign because we tend to get trapped in our heads these days with all the reading, typing, texting and rapid-fire mass stimulation to the brain. Grounded is a body situation. Your mind calms down and your body sinks in.

If you’re stuck in your head or feel spaced out or confused, if you’re creatively in the dumps or your thoughts fly a mile a minute, being grounded is a super-cure.

The easiest way I know to get grounded is to go outside and hang out in the trees in nature.  HERE are more great ways to get grounded if this indicates to you.


2. It could be time for a Third Chakra tune up. The energy centered in your Third Chakra energy center (located in and around your stomach) is a powerhouse for not just feeling those gut feelings.   A few ways that energy healers have explained symptoms of an out-of-whack Third Chakra include frequent indigestion, ulcers, a lack of vitality… plus it’s very hard to take risks and it’s very easy to be overwhelmed because you don’t trust yourself.

My favorite way to connect to the throat chakra is to sit or lay down for a few minutes with my hand on my heart and my other hand on my stomach and create a sort of circuit of energy that flows between the two. You’ll know when the connection is made: you’ll feel stronger.  HERE is more Third Chakra feng shui to take it to the next level.  It’s all very golden and bright.

3. You might be dealing with super-shady people, narcissists or psychopaths. Those are a lot of words strung together in a row, but if you’re in any way associated closely with people who back-stab or gossip about others (super-shady in my book)… or people who really feel they are very entitled, manipulating, have huge egos and yet can’t handle the slightest criticism (big one: narcissists- more here) or… psychopaths (more here) …you will stop reading the signals of your inuition because you’ll get into a condition that feels like a game.

When you let yourself get stripped of your self-esteem, you flounder and question yourself. It’s a great way to sink very low very fast. If you find yourself on a down-spiral and don’t trust yourself any more, check to see if you’ve got any of this drama up-close-and-personal.

It can be totally foreign and disorienting when you’re not used to living intuitively, but the more you trust your feelings, the more the real you emerges. That is where all the genius lies. It’s where you don’t crave advice. It’s where you feel amazing and awake and alive.

Whatever you do in any given situation where your intuition has been askew and you’ve fell into confusion, panic or thinking too much with fear lingering… breathe a lot first. I’ve learned that hard way. I’ve had way too many instant reactions that have been correct to express… but incorrectly expressed… when my intuition is tapped in and firing strongly to guide me. The messenger is as important as the message!

Tap in, get strong, stay strong and live with so much love.

xoxo Dana

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