Do You Have Sacred Space In Your Life That Brings You Peace & Power?

Feb 3, 2016 | Creativity

create sacred space
This concept is huge and vital.  We all need sacred space.

We need a place we can plug in and let go and feel like ourselves.  My dear friend Lori Bregman really drove home the importance of the idea of sacred in her work with new moms as a doula, impressing upon me the deep need to have this feeling of safety and peace and a place to retreat into as life grows exponentially bigger.

It’s one thing to create a meditation area (or even a room or a whole guest house, as I’ve seen) or an art studio or a luscious living room…and it’s another to actually use it for its prime benefit:  to unplug completely and tune into yourself.

Make a space for you and make sure you can use it fully.  

I’ve seen the most gorgeous meditation rooms go completely un-touched… or so barely used that they are an afterthought.  Or, I’ve seen people try to use these spaces and find them awkward, distracting or otherwise not really working.

It’s like when my own sacred space goes awry, my own Buddhist altar at home, I know I’m in a sort of trouble spot.  I can’t focus properly. I can’t fuse my life properly. My mind races.  I am not really in my practice.

Today is all about creating sacred space that works for you.  When you tap into this kind of genius, you’ll see why it’s so vital to always live with this much meditative connection to your life.  

gorgeous veggies by lara delilah

(vanillacrunnch on instagram is on of the most gorgeous!!!)

Artful living is my giant sanctuary of life. Even with all the art-making around me, though, I still need to plug in and deeply experience life in every way in my own sacred spaces.  When they are underused, I fall far off my center and life comes in upon me.  When they are polished and glowing, my whole world shines as they shine.

Every time I have a big problem in the past I’ve realized I lost my sacred connection.

It’s that simple.

Don’t be led astray or lost in your mind.  Live in your life fully.  Make space that’s sacred to make that connection.

Whatever helps you to plug in- from writing to prayer, yoga to meditation to art-making- you need space to do it.

  1. First, make some space. In every home I live in there is space for my altar.  Now I realize my next home will feature a very large space for that altar.  It’s that important to me and I want to feature it.  Some people feature a mediation-themed living room or a garden indoors or outdoors that is a sacred area to plug in and maybe write or breathe.
  2. Make sure the space is kept super-pristine.  Make sure everything around that space is pristine as well.  If your kitchen is beside your craft room or art area, the condition of the kitchen will affect you as well.  When the giant closet beside my mediation area is in disarray for any reason, I can’t focus as well.  Creating a well-kept area will allow the good vibes to flow freely.
  3. Make sure you can connect.  If you are unable to mediate without a chair and you are on the floor right now, get a chair.  If you can’t see well in the light to make art, get lights.  If you are in some way struggling to use the space, troubleshoot it now so you can really make the most of your sacred area.
  4. Eliminate distractions. If you have annoying noises in your neighborhood, get a white noise machine or put on some music that tunes you in.  If you have a highly digital life, ban your cell phone from entering your sacred area. If you live with family, set a boundary on time just for yourself to be quiet and tune in.
  5. Use your space to its fullest potential.  If you meditate, commit to doing it for a certain period of time every single day.  If you pray, pray with more devotion and make the time clear for yourself to indulge.  If you make art, embark on projects that stretch you and fuel you.
  6. Feng Shui it to make it more personal and more magical.  If you don’t yet have the DIY feng shui e-guide, you can download it HERE and start making more magic space for yourself today.
  7. Expand the space as needed.  Your needs will change over time, and your space can- and should- evolve to meet you needs.  When you’re deeply connected to your space, you’ll know when it’s outgrown and could use to be widened!

And…enjoy it all so completely that you feel illuminated just thinking about it!

xoxo Dana

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