A Fast Feng Shui Fruit Cure For Wealth

Feb 12, 2016 | Prosperity

oranges in feng shui

Nature is always powerful, teeming with energy and color and sensory richness. There’s a simple cure in feng shui to use nature to amp up the abundance energy in your life.


I give them as gifts for housewarmings in big bags. I put them on my buddhist altar.

And… if you put bowls of oranges around the house, it’s a traditional cure for welcoming good fortune and wealth into your life. Nine is a symbolic number, so if you want to be traditional, do nine… or multiples of 9… in bowls in your house.

Put them wherever you need an energy lift!

Peeling and eating the oranges sprinkles essential oils from the peel into the air. These oils are thought to create spontaneous joy.

Win-win-win type of feng shui 🙂

There are hundreds of feng shui cures that are laden with superstition that I ardently avoid. Then there are the symbolic and cool cures that are rooted in a lot of good sense and even science.

A big book of simple feng shui cures for all your daily needs and wants and loves is coming in less than a week (!)  to serve as an ultimate guide in magnetic lifestyling… so make sure you sign up HERE to start the feng shui adventure!  

xoxo Dana



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