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Feb 13, 2016 | Sensory Goodness


There are so many things to say about love, to write about love, to immerse yourself in about love.

People write books about rules, about how to act and how to be.

Love isn’t a game. It isn’t inconsistent. It doesn’t come and go. There are no secrets. There are no waves.

It’s there and it’s always there. When it comes and it goes… it’s not love.

Let’s get rooted in love in a life-expanding way today… because that’s the kind of love that will make your life turn to gorgeous glitter, and it will make the impossible very possible. And it’s all very simple! 

heart art

There are no rules but openness, acceptance and attention. After all, you want to feed the love in your life- from your pets to your family to friends and partners- and feeding that love means that hearts and lives are wide open.

You can’t demand love be a certain way. You can just feel the openness, the acceptance and the attention, or you don’t…

Anything else isn’t feeding you. Instead it will wear on you.

I’ve seen over and over again the way love tumbles down with lack of openness and attention and care.

I see homes that reflect the love in them. Open space, precious objects, high energy and a feeling of welcome that abounds.

I see homes that reflect blocks to love. Clutter, bedrooms askew, no space for another, not a lot of care for details or attention to keeping things together.

Openness, attention and care. It doesn’t need to be obsessive. It just needs to be consistent.

While not a single love is perfect, there are ways to see love in your space… to harness love in your life… and to live in love… whether you’re in a relationship or not.

We generate love. I tell every client who wants more love that they are the generator. You can start the generating now, flowing more love and openness and attention to the people in your life who you care about. You can’t be afraid to give love and expect to receive it.

To generate some love in your home, treat it with love, openness and attention. Polish things. Appreciate your space, no matter what it is or where it is. The more you do this, the more it will flourish.

Love is constantly created.  Every minute we create life. If you stop constantly creating it, it will devolve. Abandoned homes accumulate dust. Doing the same with friends and loved ones and partners will create dust, too. You might not be able to tell everyone in your life how much you care about them every single day, but you can with the closest.

When you take your attention off of love, it withers.  Try not watering a plant and all and it will die, or, better yet, try changing it’s watering schedule to be sporadic, only when you think about it or it’s convenient… and while it will live, it will just sort of hang on, withered.

Care for all the living things and living people around you. The care will mirror back to you. You should feel the vivaciousness and passion of love and live mirrored back to you.

Where you don’t feel that energy coming back, THIS might help you. Giving and giving and getting nothing back from loved ones isn’t something you should internalize as your own problem. But you also should sit in it.

Like a plant, you want and deserve to flourish, too!

When you try to force it, it forces you back. 

You can’t make nightstands fit in a bedroom with no room. You can’t fit things into a space where there’s no room. It won’t work. It’s not meant to be that way.

Just like you can’t force love. As love guru Pat Allen says, you can either accept or reject love, but you can’t tolerate things that make you feel badly. Tolerating creates cortisol that causes stress, anxiety and illness.

Love isn’t the end, it’s the start.  Once you set up a space that reflects love, when you are generating love and treating yourself with love… you are living with a powerful foundation. That’s a super-positive start! Now, to take that love to the next level… you need to grow with it. Let that love move you to create positive things. Let the energy build to lift up your life. Let love move you to create with friends, and to build a life with a partner that’s a dream come true.

You can have all the love you want. Divest yourself of the way it should be…and sink into the way it makes you feel.

The people who give you energy and openness and care and attention as you give them energy and openness and care and attention… they are your people.That’s your love. It will grow and thrive and transform and expand you.

That’s my wish for you… that big, gorgeous, exciting love everywhere!

xoxo Dana

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