7 Feng Shui Ways To Radiate More Confidence Every Single Day

Feb 16, 2016 | Prosperity

sunset in ometepe, nicaragua

Confidence is a vital force of Nature. It’s being able to be rooted in the present, feeling vibrant, feeling secure and feeling full of energy and passion. Confidence sways things you want toward you as though you’re a super-magnet. It’s the energy of ” I can do this.” It breaks down walls and opens doors.

It’s how we’re all meant to be, living our best lives, not comparing ourselves to other people, not living in a state of being swayed by the tides of opinion around you.

Calm. Certain. Alive. Glowing.

Today, here are simple Feng Shui ways to really cultivate and harness your life-force to live with the mind of confidence that’s both humble and self-assured, both grateful and irresistible.   It feels so fantastic to believe in yourself and in the best outcomes, and that true belief brings forth the best outcomes.

If you’ve been feeling disconnected or down or just not good enough, get ready to get your magic back and generate so much more of it! 

why we need 15 minutes of cardio

Exercise Outside…particularly in a beautiful environment.  Working out improves circulation, increases muscle tone, prevents heart disease, and increases your metabolism.  Studies from the University of Essex suggest that taking initiative over your health improves self-esteem and is particularly powerful when exercise is done outside.  Training for a marathon has given me so much more confidence in a few weeks of runs, and I didn’t even know I was lacking confidence beforehand!

Wear a scent.  Studies have found that wearing a scent that you identify with increases not only your self-confidence, but your self-perceived attractiveness as well. Yep, you’ll smell great, you’ll feel more gorgeous & you’ll radiate more gorgeousness.

dana claudat nicaragua

Beautify YOU.  Shower with great smelling soaps, indulge in a mani pedi- or do your own at home, get into simple and vital rituals like flossing your teeth… Carve out at least an hour of your day to indulge in beautifying and caring for yourself… and exercise can be included in this hour. It may seem like a lot, but it’s not!   Even dressing up in the simplest clothes that make you feel alive will fuel your confidence.

exotic fruit in nicaragua

Feed your life.  The healthier you are, the more energy and enthusiasm you will have towards yourself and life.  Just the sheer decision to eat healthy can improve your confidence, because you are choosing to take care of your health. Eating foods rich in Omega-3 can raise your serotonin levels (the neurotransmitter responsible for happiness). Foods rich in Omega – 3 are fish, nuts, and flax seeds. Also, fruits such as cherries, oranges, kiwis and pineapples are known to raise serotonin levels.

Visiting local markets and experimenting with new kinds of fruits and veggies, and fresher, more local, more lovely ones, will expand this endeavor greatly. When I travel, I go to local markets and gather up things I’ve never seen before. On this trip to Nicaragua, we tried bags of sour starfruit, bitter blackberries, cashew fruits and oh wow the rambutans, plus avocados the size of a football that we’d take in the car as extra meals on the way to the beach.

hammocks in nicaragua

Sleep DEEPLY.  A well-rested mind is a healthy mind.  Sometimes exhaustion can cloud not only our judgment of life, but how we view ourselves. Sleep deprivation causes irritability, loss of patience, and the feeling of low-self-esteem. HERE are some great tips on how to gain more control over your sleep schedule. 

Beautify your home! Take time to clean up. Buy yourself flowers to place on your coffee table or add a new piece of art that you not only love but also reflects who you are inside. Whatever adds your own brand of beauty, flaunt it in your home.

GOOD VIBES ONLY. Stay away from people and places that deplete your energy.  Surround people who love you, lift up your spirits and propel you forward, toward your dreams and goals. It seems like an obvious concept, but energy-suckers can be very covert and manipulative. You may feel like you’re being a virtuous person by helping them, all the while pitching your energy into a black hole. Before you know it, you’re too low in life to recognize the energy-draining damage that’s been done to your self-esteem, your abundance and your power.  HERE you can learn how to identify the characteristics of these type of vampire people.   Once you see it you can steer clear of it, completely!

Let yourself be super-happy. I’m off to whip up a power greens smoothie and shower in lemon eucalyptus aromatherapy steam. Chakra-balancing meditation music is on in the background. Bob my fur baby is staring at me in wonder. I feel like I’m flying.

Layer on your own feel-greatness. It’s the kind of indulgence that we can all absolutely afford!

xoxo Dana

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