Feed Your Soul Loads Of Inspiration & Raise Your Whole Life Higher!

Feb 16, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

colorful handmade blankets

That’s all we need: soul food. And it comes in so many forms and colors and shapes and sizes.

In Nicaragua, the handmade markets made my whole body tingle with life, and the painted streets covered my mind in rainbows.  In Los Angeles, hugging my my fur baby little Bob can do some of the same.  As do books, sunsets and my Buddhist temple.   Everywhere I go, I decide to find more of that inspiration. Quiet time sitting on some pillows or listening to music can be your muse.

Whatever it takes to fill yourself with love, that’s what you should do.

Chances are, if you aren’t in love with your life, things are suffering for it, whether suffering in lackluster ways or in ways that are more destructive.

When you’re not feeding your life in some way that’s truly nourishing spiritually, emotionally and physically… that’s when small things become huge things. It’s when a bump in the road becomes a roadblock.

Today, some easy ideas to help you feed yourself completely- mind, body & soul- to make problems melt and lift life to greater heights! 

do what feeds your soul

We all need to be nourished.

Without that sense of being filled with greatness, it’s easy to look to the outside of life and see where and how things aren’t measuring up.   Critical.  Complaining.  Closed Down.  You see where things aren’t meeting your needs or where people aren’t meeting your needs and then the spiral starts.

Suddenly good things are not good enough when they never had a chance to become great.

Friendships become battles. Relationships become power struggles or a draining affair.  Jobs become insufferable.

And it’s not on the outside that there’s this lack.

It’s inside.

The outside just reflects the inside.

If you want to lift yourself up, start on the inside.

Feed your soul what it needs.

dana claudat feng shui Add color to your home.  Multicolors are a cure-all  in my book.  From colorful blankets to clear ligtbulbs, color stirs emotion and adds vibrational wellness to your whole life, inside and out.

Feed yourself very well.  When my own diet is off balance, so is my mind, my emotions, and my whole life. You can try someting simple like my classic Food Shui challenge to get to feeling filled up inside with energy, nourishment, color and life force!

Where life’s been too heavy, lighten up and make things right.  If you’ve been too critical to others, apologize. If you’ve been too hard on yourself, go easy.

managua market

Add freshness in new ways!  Whether it’s fresh fruits you’ve never tried or a fresh bunch of flowers, a wild-looking succulent in a pot or a fresh recipe, go for the new.  No one likes to be in a rut, especially not your inspired and passionate life!

And… if you’re not sure what to do to get to your place of passion… this exercise can help. 

Whatever you do, lean way in to everything that makes you feel fantastic.  It’s the sure-fire way to light up your life!

xoxo Dana



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