The Greatest Things Happen When You Surrender To Life

Feb 25, 2016 | Creativity

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Surrender is a state of being wholly present.

It’s not: giving in to an enemy, giving up or being lazy.

Surrender is:  living in your body and soul and feeling at ease.  It’s knowing that so much is out of your control.   It’s being able to let situations breathe, it’s a feeling of openness…

To create anything, you have to be in some state of surrender.

If you can deeply surrender, infinite possibility becomes real.

Stepping out of the routine-  the over-working and the over-thinking-  and just breathing and being-  is when things genuinely flourish. 


In feng shui, you can direct energy but you can’t control life.  I have to turn down many clients who want to do feng shui to get a specific job or a certain person as a lover because I can’t help them.

Control is the opposite of creativity.  Wanting things to go your way specifically as a matter of control can chase (and probaby will chase) many good things away.

Control tends to kick in when you feel unsafe or in toxic environments (IE: surrounded by stress, drugs, addictions, abuse or neglect of any kind…)

When your life is toxic, you might find yourself working overly-hard to win, to succeed, to “best” your opponent and to be right at all costs. Living in anxiety. Dancing around for love, or fighting for a relationship that isn’t healthy at all…

When you’re feeling bad, blocked or stuck, it creates stress, anger and sadness.  It’s easy to lash out and throw fits when you should be able to breathe and see the situation in front of you clearly. It’s not uncommon to blame other people. It’s tempting to try to force or manipulate things…

And, they typically all this energy and struggle will fail.

Creating more space in your life can help you surrender to the moment instead of fighting to be right.

Detox the heaviness.  Get rid of the blocks. Letting go of the heavy stuff takes the pressure off and we can breathe and BE and surrender.

What does surrender feel like? 

There is ease in some way where there was once tension.

My friend Tara teaches people in her Strala Yoga practice to stop forcing bodies into poses and start easing into places that feel good.  Try to force your body and you’ll be stressed, probably thinking a lot and maybe even injured… and that’s the opposite of living with freedom.

A lack of surrender makes things really hard that should be easy. 

This is a great way to see the effects of surrender.

Try really hard to doodle the best picture you’ve ever done. 

I bet you’ll feel really intense, stuck in your head, questioning if it’s really the “best” and maybe even panic over it.

Sometime later, make a cup of tea, turn on some music and doodle for fun. 

Is there a difference?

Surrender is something magical and it’s somewhat scary if you haven’t done it.  You might feel like you’re losing your edge, losing your cool, and maybe, if you’re a really driven person, you might feel like you’re losing your identity.

Let it all go.

Judith Orloff’s TEDx Talk on the Ecstasy of Surrender is a delight, an emotional journey and big practical insight into the difference between forcing and flowing.   It’s health-changing, heart-opening and so beautiful.

Deep breaths & easier living… !

xoxo Dana

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