3 Simple Habits To Stay Super-Inspired & Super-Creative

Feb 28, 2016 | Creativity

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Because I spent most of my life burning myself out and choking under pressure, thinking that creative people who thrive are just “lucky” or “wired differently” than me, I got very interested in why this was so…

It’s been the underlying mission of the blog, the online Camps and e-guides… it’s part of the reason why I do what I do.  And to vastly simplify, I wish someone I trusted took the time to share these three things with me about living creatively and building a life you love.

1. Art is a practice.  It’s not just a practice when you have a job or want to get paid.  It’s a daily practice to be creative in whatever way you are creative. Do it all the time. Stretch yourself.  Rest on your journal pages.  Cook with more love.  Embrace it all.

2. Meditative activity is super-vital to life every single day.  TOTAL DOWN TIME.  De-stimulation.  Resting, easy housecleaning or gardening.  Julia Cameron calls them the “-ing” activities that shut down overthinking and open the mind up to more doing and creative electricity. Art is not created in control, but in the practice of surrender to the currents of inspiration.

3. Organization makes creative energy flow more freely.  That stereotype of the artist living in a mess with paint everywhere in a loft in some chic boho neighborhood doesn’t match the reality of most artist’s studios I’ve visited (lots of them & many very famous artists) that have so much order and clean space and only “creative messes” of supplies and work in progress.  Most have a rigorous schedule of hours and times to work.  Most I know also have a sense of order- or hire people to maintain that order.  Simplify and de-clutter and you’ll stay more open and free and productive and excited!

Three simple things that open the door to your own improvisation.  Even just taking a little time to clean house daily and watch the sunset can dramatically alter your creative energy…!

Wishing you a life of creating genius!

xoxo Dana

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