Awesome Ideas To Use Art As Your Own Life Detoxing Therapy

Mar 1, 2016 | Life With Art



Art therapy is a way for people to express their inner emotions through an artistic medium. The creativity involved in art therapy can serve as a medium to improve self-esteem and reduce stress. It is defined as an “expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.”

It’s nearly impossible to find a licensed art therapist. How do I know? I looked. And looked. And I met one at a book signing a few months back. Turns out she’s one of 5000 (!) in the USA. Or, that’s what she told me and I’m apt to believe her!

Why did she choose to do it?

It’s immensely powerful. Art taps into memories and emotions in ways nothing else this simple seeming can do. It’s breath and beauty.
And it works.

Art is a powerful force of change. I hope that this catches on in huge waves… it’s been a huge force for change in my own life and I see it change lives daily!

Use art in simple ways to symbolically- and actually- let things go that are weighing you down! 

art therapy is awesome

Here are some great ways to use art to detox your spirit and mind:

  • Design a Post Card: You have ill resolved feelings in a relationship that need tending to? Life seems to be at a stand still because questions haven’t been answered and stubbornness has prevailed? Design a post card….release your feelings. This does not need to be sent, but the simple act of taking time to design a parting /good-bye post card is enough to allow your mind to understand and accept the decision you have made.
  • Balloon Drawings and Messages: Get creative and draw, paint or write down your emotions that you want out of your life. Get a helium balloon, and tie your message to it and set it free and out of your life.
  • Draw, paint or write about an inspirational quote: You can depict yourself actualizing the quote or you can use images and colors to express how the quote made you feel. You can also write about why this quote resonates with you and steps you can take to incorporate the inspirational message into your life.
  • Make a painting or collage of things you are grateful for: Write down a list of things you are very thankful for in your life and either paint, or rummage through magazines and newspapers, finding words and pictures that exemplify not only how you feel, but what you are grateful for.
  • Write or draw about something you did that you thought was scary or impossible: Take a situation in your life that you didn’t think you would get through and draw your experience and triumph. You can start with your feelings of fear, and then the actual action being taken, and end with your feeling of pride and satisfaction.

Always, you can use art to turn poison in your life into medicine.
Even just a simple journal can set you free. It’s magic-making and mind-soothing, freeing and exhilarating!



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