Feng Shui For Everyone Who Has Been Stuck Trying To Get To The Next Level In Life

Mar 3, 2016 | Creativity

every level of life demands a new you

It’s been an instructional week (gotta love those!) that reminded me of this truth:

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

That means a lot.

We all have to do the work.  We’ve all got to make the space and keep growing.

If you’re looking for the next level, here’s what I can tell you from working with thousands of people and doing this stuff myself for the last 10 years.  While I don’t have all the answers, I do know this dynamic way too well.  I’ve avoided it.  I’ve waited for “right times.” I’ve seen others do the same in the face of obstacles and blocks.

But… in those moments where you just want something to change so badly that you’re willing to change to make things change… there’s a giant window of opportunity waiting for you. 

If you want a bigger life in any way- from love to business to creativity to friends to adventures to wellness- you need to bring a new you to the table.  You need the space to grow.  Plus: stability, organization and a lot of clarity.

All of it takes patience, diligence and work.

Is your head spinning yet?

I know, mine has.

But it’s easier and more methodical that spinning in circles, even though it takes practice and work.

That’s not to say it won’t be fun, because it is fun if you’re making room for the things that will create your own personal dream life!

If it’s been hard to get yourself past whatever point you’ve been stuck at,  this is the best system I’ve found to break free.  Thousands of “super self-actualized” people were studied by Maslow to create this pyramid that you look at from the bottom to the top to create a life where dreams come true.

If dreams aren’t coming true, check the pyramid.


First, start with a foundation.

I’m leaning on Maslow here because this pyramid is genius.

***The RED level: At the bottom of the pyramid is your basic life needs.  Shelter. Food &Health.  Wellbeing.

Take care of those and you have more stability to grow.

If you’re feeling exhausted, off -balance or otherwise depleted, make your health your priority. Yes, priority.  As in, your mental and physical health.  Get support.  Find out what you need to do in order to be a stable human in this crazy fast world we live in.  Some people require way more sleep than others.  You might need to meditate, or run, or change your diet… or all of the above!  If you can dare to make this a priority, and trust that life will take care of you if you take care of you, things will work out!

If you’re not loving your home or it’s a mess, make this your priority.  Clean up, repair and polish your whole space and you’ll have space to grow.

***Now you move to the ORANGE level and there’s money, business, finances… all your survival needs.  If this is a mess, you can sort it out with budgets, some deep focus and determination.  If you make this a priority once you are feeling great and your home is stable and cared for, you’ll be able to see what you need to do to expand.  Creating room to grow means looking at the growth potential of your current job… or looking at ways to invest that earn you more stable income… or looking at how much you can scale your enterprises…

My blog crash was right in the orange zone. I had no idea I needed a dedicated server and maintenance people.  I was dreadfully holding myself back without it, and I didn’t know… I just knew things were not stable.   Now, I have the room to grow.   You can do the same, looking at where you are hitting walls, feeling stuck and wanting to move forward… Maybe you need to take classes, look for a new job, expand your business plan, get an accountant… All of this makes room to grow!

***Then we get up to YELLOW: love, friends, groups.  You can be much more of a lover and a leader when you have your life sorted on the lower levels. Sure you can have all these things with a messy house andn empty bank account, by all means, but you’ll be way more FULL to give, love and be present when you have the bottom stuff nailed.  Every time a client says they want more love or a better relationship, I start with the bottom levels.  Roses and nightstands aren’t going to rejuvenate love if your base is shaky.  Couples work on this stiff together- cleaning house, getting into healthier routines and taking money matters more seriously- and they have more space and clarity and stability to flourish.

And up we go to the higher levels where you’re fully living your dreams.

It all starts at the bottom.

This is a great thing.

And every time life expands, you might be back at the bottom, finding better ways of self-care, better ways to organize, help with housekeeping, better systems to manage money…

This is also a great thing.

I’ve seen this work hundreds of times. Seamlessly.

Be willing to do all it takes to create the most stable and spacious and peaceful life for you at the most basic level and the stars are within reach.  It’s the one thing you need to have the faith and discipline and patience to do… step-by-step… untangling the confusion, dumping the clutter and making the space.

Every time you’ll find a different you emerge in the process, a you with even more clarity and patience and sure-footedness and happiness, wellbeing and abundance, open-heartedness and genius.

Start at the start.  Make a little space for yourself today to have a life that feels more stable. Dump some clutter.  Commit to the basics. Sleep. Breathe. Eat well.  Clean up.  Organize.  Take it in steps.  Nail each one.  Create better habits.

It can take time, but if you really want to make a huge change in anything, you need to take the time.  As my friend reminded me yesterday who coaches tennis champions: it can take 6 months to create a tennis swing change that is dramatic.

Life’s a little more complex than just one swing, so give yourself the time and get it done in a way that feels complete.

Everything you’ve always wanted to be, do and have  is waiting for you to have the room in your life to welcome it all in…. and the whole Universe will thank you for your courage, care and awesome actions…!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana




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