5 Feng Shui Ways To Design Your Own Uniquely Extraordinary Lifestyle

Mar 5, 2016 | Prosperity

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I’m all about finding your best colors, best feelings, best ways…

I’m all about saying no to the bright-shiny-objects that are ultimately so far from my core and my truth. I’ve somewhat confusingly turned down book deals, opportunites-of-a-lifetime and other “bright shiny blessings” because they were super destabilizing. They felt like what the world would (and did) say was the right thing to do. They made me feel terribly disconnected and confused and ineffectual.

Social conventions suck the life out of life.

There’s nothing extraordinary, inspired or otherwise awesome about letting life be defined by standards you don’t mesh well with at all.

When I hear words like… “that’s not normal”… or…”the right way to do this”… I cringe and slink away from conversations.

We are big balls of energy. We radiate colors (learn more of how to see aura colors— !!!— right here!). We think in dynamic ways. We feel profoundly. We have unique thoughts and impressions.

Life is meant to be lived with your whole energy system fully present. In stress, in forcing and in duress and trauma we can get unhinged from day to day life. Checked out. Spaced out. Lost. Ineffectual. Miserable. Disconnected.

If you’re looking to break free of the ordinary wherever you feel unexpressed, stuck or limited, you don’t need to do wild things or be radically eccentric. You also don’t need to feel trapped in societal conventions.   It’s extraordinary and eccentric and powerful and inimitable… and so rare these days… if you dare to be yourself and design your life in ways that work for you no matter what anyone else thinks…!

Eat like yourself. One of the coolest ways I’ve learned to really tap into what my body wats to eat is to hold food in my hands (i.e., an apple, or veggies before I cook them) while I’m standing and feel if I move toward it or away from it. Even just the feeling I get in my hands or the feeling that fills my body thinking of a certain food is enough for me to know it’s right and I need to eat it.

Work like yourself. Are you told you work too much? If you feel energized and you take breaks and unplug but your work is your passion, maybe that’s your purpose and your way? If you can’t handle a desk job, maybe you need to follow your passions away from the office? If you’re feeling pulled in directions that make you feel life is contracting, take a step back, take some deep breaths and get more clarity on the ways you want to spend your time.

Love like yourself. You know those unconventional relationships? Typically, when I see these unusual relationships that don’t conform to societal rules grounded in love, they work out brilliantly. No matter who or what or how you love, love like yourself!

People who use books or other people’s “right ways” to solve issues in love tend to stray from the point of all of love: personal connection.

If any relationship feels bad, take your own time to find your best ways to make it feel better. Help and support is always good, but stay open to finding your own best ways of making things work. When you are 100% grounded in love with everyone close to you, there is all expanded energy and positivity and flow… no matter how unique your situations may be.

Style days like yourself. Your time is uniquely your own. How you spend it can be one of two ways: dong what you feel forced to do OR doing what you feel best to do to expand your life and the world around you. I was stunned to see how much I have felt compelled to HAVE TO do things that I didn’t have to or want to do.   Styling your days like yourself means that you can choose your obligations. You can choose to put yourself first. You can say Yes or No. Obligations and feeling obliged is a big way to shrink the space in your life. Energetically, you’ll spiral downward.

Play like yourself. Want to do “crazy” things that you’re sure you’ll be judged for? Do them!

Want to invest in joy where people tell you that you shouldn’t spend your money? It’s your money!

Play like yourself and you create a feedback look of energy that expands your life dramatically. If you don’t play like yourself, you drain the soul from life.

I mean, how motivating is it to work to create a life without joy and full of “the right things to do”? But, then, what does it feel like knowing that your hard work will be spent responsibly but it will also fund your adventures, dreams and passions?

Two totally different energies!

All this feeling of “yourself” is way easier when your life is clear of noise.

Deeply unplug and de-stimulate your nervous system.

Deeply clean and clear your house.

Organize in big ways.

When you’re clear and calm and settled, you can feel this energy expanding and contracting around you.

It isn’t “vague”.

It’s definitive.

And, it’s amazing!

xoxo Dana

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