What Are Your Secrets To Wellness & Success?

Mar 7, 2016 | Prosperity

clear your clutter

This idea of creating the life you want by simplifying and de-cluttering ALSO includes de-cluttering your daily routines.

Do you know your own secrets to wellness & success? 

I’m a junkie for information, science, history and discovered goodies that promote wellness, prosperity, clean houses, gorgeous design, natural beauty and even gluten-grain-and-sugar free nutrition.   Always, though, it’s digging for treasure. And even in all the digging and discovery there are still so many things to learn…and even still… not everything is “for you.”

We all have our best ways to live. 

To give you an idea of how vast my hunt is for new stuff to share: Right now I’m in Chicago at the giant International Home + Housewares show, walking through miles of innovations.  I’ve had my hair straightened with natural oils and eco-frendly irons, I’m covered in essential oils that are harvested and delivered straight to consumers in high-vibe ways by a yogi-preneur, I’ve had ten different juices from every type of juicer and I’ve been mesmirized by Blendtec machines.  It’s just starting.

There are thousands of products, methods, and “better ways” to do everything from washing your hair to training your body, setting up a kitchen to organizing a whole house.

I try everything.  I share it all.  But,  only one or two things – if that- will make it into my own daily routines.

Wellness is personal, and if you don’t have your own personal prescription for eating, moving, resting, playing and working, it’s well worth creating your own “secrets” to wellness.  You can expand on them, but the basics are the best place to start! 

dana claudat sears tower

Here I am floating over the deck of the Sears Tower in Chicago.  It has been many days of simplicity mixed with gorgeous fun!  I realized that I have finally come to know my own ways of bringing wellness with me wherever I go.

It’s a huge shift to start super-basic with your habits and routines and see if you know how you function at your best.  I didn’t know for a long time… so I chased every new idea to be well and productive and… and… and… until I realized exactly how I was doing well, I didn’t know when I was sliding off… until I was exhausted, burned out or uninspired!

Over the course of a month or two of just observing myself when I was doing well in various ways – super-creative or intensely grounded or beautifully rested or feeling very athletic and energized or feeling adventurous- I saw what’s really best for me.  It helped me to filter out a lot of extra ideas- like a zillion wellness articles  I see every day about switching things- and stay focused on what works great for me, personally.

This can be so grounding.  You learn by watching what’s actually best for you.

Eat.  What do you need to eat to feel better? How much water do you drink? How often do you need to eat? What times?

Move. Do you workout? Walk? Is too much exercise draining? Are you more motivated in the mornings or evenings?

Rest.  Could you wake up without an alarm for a few days and see what’s your optimum amount of sleep, naturally? Do you drink tea or do a ritual before bed?

Play.  Do you play?!  Does your social life lift you up? Who do you feel best spending time with?

Work.  What’s your favorite part of the day? What habits help you to stay on track, if any? Do you take breaks?

Simple stuff, but I’m telling you, I was hard-pressed to find anyone that endorsed the idea that I would or could know what was best for me.

You do know what’s best for you!

I’m going to dive back into the thousands of miles of products and innovations and new science and routines and nutrition and design…  and I’ll keep sharing it like crazy… but always start with you.  What feels best, looks best, sounds best and is best for you.

From there you’ll be grounded and empowered and excited and intuitive, and every new thing you add to improve your life will be a supercharger rather than a hopeful cure.

Build from the basics… and trust that you know yourself better than anyone else!

And please, feel free to share your secrets of success and wellness below.  It’s how I’ve found so many of my own:  from the generous sharing of brilliant, passionate people like you!

xoxo Dana

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