8 Ways To Use Feng Shui To Remove Obstacles From Your Life!

Mar 9, 2016 | Prosperity


At the Art Institute of Chicago, I found a surprise as I rounded the corner from the Van Gogh bedroom exhibit: a big stone carving of the ancient diety Ganesh.  While I don’t worship him, I love all that he represents.  He’s all about wisdom, clairty and also the removing of obstacles from life.  Basically, Ganesh is a luck-maker.

Everything Ganesh represents is what every single person I know- myself included- wants to harness and live with in life every day: a clear path forward, the knowledge you’re on the right path, and no static standing in the way.

Given that a very big clearing has started in my own life, and a bigger one is coming to the Internet in the Cash Camp very soon, today I’m deep in the ways that you can use feng shui to follow this sage example, removing obstacles from life that stand between you and what you love and want to create every day! 

Here are 8 ways that you can use feng shui to help clear your own path so you can start living with more luck, wisdom and all the flowing-magic-feeling greatness you want.

You make all that magic when you make space clear!

1. Remove obstacles from your daily routines.  In feng shui, efficiency is everything.  If you have to do lots of awkward maneuvering to get through the day, you are sending yourself in circles. If you’re not organized, you’ll not just waste time, you also lose intuitive power!

2. Remove the stuff in your physical path. If you’re walking over clutter, moving past things that remind you that there are repairs to make, there’s trouble lurking or otherwise you feel you’re having a hard time navigating space, you are mirroring blocks in your own life in every way.  Clear paths and you clear all kinds of paths to abundance!

clear clutter to be more creative

3. Sweep away static in the air to unleash creativity.  When you’ve got stuck air, stagnant spaces, chemical pollution or otherwise feel oppressed in a space, you need to clear it out.  Powerful and simple “space clearing” can make for a more brilliant you, sometimes almost instantly.

4. Clear your mind of self-defeating thoughts.  Mental clutter is reflected in physical space.  If your home doesn’t reflect your best you, you’re holding yourself back.  Free yourself by polishing your space and create clear space to soar!


(design-dautore on Instagram)

5. Create a vacuum for that lucky flow of prosperity.  When you make room in your closets, and drawers and wallet and tangled files and more… you make room for the new to arrive.  It does.  It arrives in ways I still cant describe better than Catherine Ponder’s truism: “nature abhors a vacuum”.  When you clear room for the new, you sort of suck the new into your life. 

6. Untangle emotional patterns that hold you captive.  Emotional patterns show up in the condition of your environment.  Until you can see these blindspot habits, it’s very hard to be free of them! With feng shui, you get insight into the ways that your environment reveals these blindspots.  When you see them, you can be free of them.

7. Clear away procrastination. If you’ve been feeling like you’re in a holding pattern in life waiting for the right time to go for what you want, it’s likely reflected in your home and office.

8. Stop your energy from feeling drained.  I can’t stress enough how often our spaces reflect the energetic drains of toxic patterns and people.  When you’re around toxic stuff enough, you catch the toxicity, too!  Clear away the draining energy from your home and you’ll find yourself shaking free of this draining dynamic.

And so so so much more!!!

Once you can clear energy and space around you, you’ll be more tuned in the blocks and obstacles around you and how you’ve created them, allowed them and even welcomed them out of habit.

I’ve watched lives totally transform in the process of creating clear space physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and digitally.

It’s not just about clearing out junk, it’s all about creating a life where nothing stands in the way of what you’ve dreamed of doing.

I do this work every day, clearing and cleaning and polishing and lightening.  It’s my own not-so-secret secret to constant inspiration and wellbeing.  When my mind is cluttered, I can’t think.  When my energy is strained, I can’t create.  When I’m stuck in any way, I know I need to let things go.

No matter where you’re starting, there’s always more space to clear and more great fortune to unearth.

I’m wishing you luck and love and prosperity and peace and loads of clear space to dream and stretch and live big!!!

xoxo Dana

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