Are You Getting Signs That It’s Time To Make A Lifestyle Switch?

Mar 11, 2016 | Prosperity

dare to declutter

By now, it would seem that I, personally, would have no stuff left to get rid of, you know?!

But yet, I just hauled out 4 bags of great clothing to the donation.

I have half a table filled with mint condition houseware items to carry out this evening.

And, I’m in the process of probably the coolest mental & emotional de-cluttering I’ve ever encountered. (more on this to come, it’s quite revolutionary stuff)

It’s not “junk” or even “clutter.”

I just don’t need it.

My life was telling me in so many ways for over a month that it was time to get rid of it all, and it’s so exciting to let it go!

Are you getting signs that a lifestyle switch is in order?  

Do you have things you just don’t need?

Are the things you don’t need obscured by clutter and messes and stuff to repair and bills to handle and emotional upsets and maybe even bad habits?

I’ve been there.

In the desire to have a lighter and more abundant and more peaceful and flowing lifestyle (I see this now as a somewhat universal desire, when all of these attributes are wrapped into one), we all hit these levels or thresholds.

It all goes great and flows great and then…

Boom.  It no longer works.  Nothing flows. It feels like you can’t grow past a certain point.

I’ve seen this “maxing out” of all the bandwith in life show up in signs from the universe.

These are some of my own recent signs…

My blog was crashing.  It wasn’t broken as I suspected.  It actually ran out of space on it’s server.  It needed room to grow.

Arguments started popping up in my personal life that I’d never seen before.  My schedule was unmanagable and I had to delete certain things I like to do but don’t love.  I had to revamp what I do love dearly so when I spend time I can be far more focused on love and not rushing through moments.  Love needed room to grow.

I started wearing the same few things every day for almost two weeks.  I couldn’t confront all the stuff in my own closet I didn’t need or want, and it was obscuring what I did want to wear.

Are you pulling in lots of signs that maybe you need to make some sort of lifestyle switch?

Maybe for you its some sort of headache that’s unbearable, clumsy actions, scattered brain  forgetting things, unexpected money lost, lots of parking tickets or dramatic emotional outbursts… Basically any strange stuff that crops up and keeps repeating and sort of wedges itself between you and the flow of life is a good sign that it’s time for an awareness shift and some sort of change.

From all the holistic healers and therapists and even nutritionists I know the big picture message is this: start taking great care of yourself and lighten your load. 

As I’ve been hauling out each bag of stuff that I no longer need, I feel bandwidth freeing up in my mind.  It’s so liberating and it’s enabling me to say yes to invitations, to start new projects, to think with new perspective, to sleep more soundly…

And I already do most of those things pretty OK to start!

If you want to make a lifestyle switch, dare to go deeper in clearing out everything in the way.

It’s not just about clutter. It’s about the extras. The add ons.  The random things.  The time-wasters.  The too many options. Let those go and you’ll be amazed at how much more instantly brilliant and capable and clear and strong and magnetic you feel.

Then, life responds to all that brilliant energy in beautiful, abundant, peaceful, prosperous ways.

I’ve not once seen a move toward living with less stuff fail to be less than a life transformation all by itself.


xoxo Dana

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