Do You Need To Start Celebrating Yourself ?!

Mar 13, 2016 | Sensory Goodness


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

Yes, it’s true.

So, why do we find it difficult to celebrate and praise our own accomplishments? 


There are so many fears and judgements around self-praise these days. Will you be judged as a conceited, narcissistic person? Will you make people around you feel bad about themselves?  Or, have you not yet gotten to a level you want to be at so there’s nothing to really celebrate in such small steps forward?!

All these ideas shine a light on fear. If you have people around you who won’t join in the celebration, they shouldn’t be around you.  If you have people who will judge you in your circle, they likely shouldn’t be there, either.  In fact, if you deny yourself celebration and self-praise, there’s a good chance you have a life that is surrounded by a stasis that needs to be shaken up.  You can’t thrive surrounded by people with a vested interest in seeing you stay in one place.

When and if you decide to start celebrating, you may need to back away from people who find it offensive.

And by self-praise and celebration, I don’t mean dominating conversations with strangers about how great you are (that is not a conversation, it’s talking down to people or at people!), nor do I mean competing with other people.   I’ve been on the receiving end of enough of this competitive, comparing and horrendously bragging energy to tell you very clearly that it’s not self-esteem.  It’s more fear and anger. It’s infuriating and soul-crushing.  It gives “self-celebration” a bad name.

Self-celebration in my mind is being proud.  Accepting as well as giving compliments.  It’s seeing the small steps forward as valuable and priceless.  It’s being OK with right now.  It’s self-loving actions.  It’s being able to speak of your accomplishments happily.  It’s also having a network of safe people who will love and share and support all your positive moves forward.

Celebrating yourself is very healthy and can have many benefits for your mind and your ability to attain more accomplishments in the future.



Beacuse It’s Healthy To Highlights Your Strengths: We easily forget how strong we are. It’s ironic how quickly we dismiss our accomplishments, yet lament over and over about our failures. The sheer act of recognizing something you accomplished, and taking a special moment to reward yourself, increases positive thinking, happiness and confidence. In a study conducted in 2001 by Laura Kubsansky, associate professor and researcher of society and human health, found that people who were optimistic had half the risk of getting cardiovascular disease as compared to their pessimistic counter parts.

Significantly Improves Perception of Yourself: However big, small, intended or unintended the accomplishment happens to be, recognizing that you were a part of making it come to fruition enhances your positive perception of yourself. The more you fill your mind with positive remembrances of accomplishments, the less you will focus on negativity.

Perception does indeed become reality. In psychological terms, this is called a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You know: you get what you expect.  This is true.  Our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us have a direct correlation to the outcomes in our lives. Celebrating everything you achieve sets the tone to grow.

It’s Motivational & Energizing: Don’t sweep your hard earned successes under the rug. When you fail to recognize your success, you discount how amazing you are and this is key for future success.   After you pat yourself on the back or go out and celebrate with friends, you will more apt to set higher goals and be game for the next challenge. .

The celebration doesn’t have to grandiose, of course, nor do the accomplishments you are celebrating.

Here are some simple ways you can celebrate your greatness.

  1. Keep a journal of all your achievements. You’ll have a compilation of your own greatness.
  2. Buy something nice for you.  Small luxuries are big self-celebrations.
  3. Go to a celebratory dinner with some positive friends. There is nothing better than being around a group of people who are happy and proud of you!
  4. Take a day off for some rest and relaxation. Do something you love to do, that you usually don’t have time to do. Remember, you deserve it!!!

Celebrate right now!!! It makes space for a brilliant future!!!

xoxo Dana

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