7 Simple Ways To Feng Shui & Save Your Money!

Mar 14, 2016 | Prosperity

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While making more money is always a great way to have more money… if you don’t have control over that $$$ energy it can flow out of your life as fast as it flows in. In fact, super-cluttered lives usually have these “leaks” of energy where money seems to sort of evaporate, no matter how much comes in.

Today’s feng shui is all about small shifts to direct that money energy so it piles up!


Simple Ways To Save Money & Feng Shui Your Cash 

  1. Take Out Cash For Your Budget: This will be the only money you can spend. If you get paid bi-weekly, take out the money you know you need to spend per week based on the budget you have set for yourself. In this way, you will be more conscious of what you spend your money on and you will not spend money on things you do not need. While you’re at is, clean out your wallet!
  2. Set Aside Money In Your Savings Account: The money in this account should be off limits to spend in your mind.  It does not exist. Set aside a portion of money every month, even if it’s 25 dollars and send it straight to savings.  This account is not to be touched. When you do this, you start directing energy where you want it to go. It’s a simple way to start piling up even small amounts of money to start!
  3. Save Your Change: You will be shocked at how much change you accrue when you pay with cash.  Most of the time it ends up in the bottom of a purse or left in a jar…discounted.  You can get rolls at your bank to organize the change into bills or put directly into your savings account.  After all, although we often forget, it is still money and it adds up after a while…you’ll be surprised. I like to put actual piggy banks in homes, and also, simple jars to collect coins. They, too, act like a magnet, where more and more will pile up.
  4. Limit Using Credit Cards: Many people mistake credit cards for free money.  In actuality, if you do not pay your balance that month, you are paying much more for your purchase in added interest.  Credit card debt is the bane of many people’s existence, because they spent more than they had and can’t catch up…plus the more you can’t pay in full, sometimes the more interest adds on.  It’s sort of like not sleeping and using coffee to get through every day. After a while, you crash. And then you see all the damage done. If you’ve been out of balance with credit cards, you can benefit from getting in balance with your body ad mind. Sleep, meditate, create clear space… and when you feel more centered, you’ll be able to manage money more easily without defects. 
  5. Don’t Impulse Shop: Had a hard day? Why not buy something nice for yourself for instant gratification? The reason you shouldn’t is because the high fades quickly to a sharp low when you can’t really afford what you purchased. Take the time while shopping to assess if you really need the purchase and if it will set you back financially and cause more of a financial burden.   Sleep on it, and ask, is it worth it? Here’s the crazy thing: when you have a ton of clutter in your house, it’s way easier to seek these instant gratifications.
  6. Make All Your Payments on Time: When you do not make your bill payments on time, there are unnecessary fines and sometimes re-establishment of service fees. This can all be avoided when you are conscious of paying your bills. I talk a lot about shaping time and part of shaping time is knowing when things are due and sticking to a schedule.  
  7. Settle in at home more.   Eating out is a fantastic experience, movies, theater. It gives us an opportunity to socialize and get dressed up and feel good…but when your home is awesome, you’ll feel great doing more nesting too. The amount of money you can spend one night at a restaurant can be a weeks worth of groceries, and there’s so much you gain from spending time making this deep connection to space!

And… enjoy your wealth!

xoxo Dana

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