Are You Stressed Out From Decision Fatigue?

Mar 16, 2016 | Prosperity

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I never considered myself indecisive, but when my life became a series of very small but important decisions every day I became paralyzed.  It was crazy to see myself unable to decide what to eat for dinner after a day of making loads of choices. It was even more crazy when I’d have to make decisions and I would swing back and forth in total confusion.

I thought I was having some sort of emotional meltdown.  I longed for the days when I’d have means pre-planned  (on retreats, at school) and times when my life was pre-dictated and structured.  Mind you… I never long for days where I have little freedom of choice.

Turns out, I was suffering from decision fatigue. It’s a very common kind of meltdown.

If you’ve been wildly indecisive, feeling overwhelmed or mentally overloaded…and possibly super-frustrated as a result… this one is for you!

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Decision Fatigue Is A Real Thing 

Decisions, Decisions.  Did you ever wonder why you find it so difficult to make decisions as the day comes to an end?  Researchers and psychologists have a very well-researched explanation for this and have coined the term, decision fatigue.  Decision fatigue is defined roughly as the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long time of decision-making.

Social psychologist, Roy F. Baumeister, finds that will power works in tandem with decision-making. He believes that it requires energy to exert will power and make decisions, therefore the more decisions made or circumstances needed for will power (Should I eat the cookie, or stick to my diet and eat a piece of fruit?, Should wake up early and work-out or sleep in?), the more depleted your mental energy will be. Baumeister states in the New York Times, “Your ability to make the right investment or hiring decision may be reduced simply because you expended some of your willpower earlier when you held your tongue in response to someone’s offensive remark or when you exerted yourself to get to the meeting on time.”

A 2011 survey of over 1 million people on character strength reported in Business Insider found that people least recognized self-control as a character strength.

Depleted mental energy can have one of two outcomes when it comes to decision-making:

  1. Poor, misguided and inaccurate decisions
  2. The avoidance of making a decision at all…neglecting the issue

When you make bad decisions, you accumulate problems.  When you make no decisions, you accumulate clutter.  While both of these things are inevidable as we’re not perfect and mistakes help us to grow, it’s way better to circumvent problems and ramp up your positive energy.

In a research study published by the National Academy of Sciences , psychologists evaluated the decisions made by judges during parole hearings. They found that although other factors did effect their decision, the most prominent factor that influenced decisions was time of day. At the beginning of the day, the judge was most likely to give a favorable ruling…roughly 65% of the time. As time went on and the more decisions had to be made a favorable ruling dropped to zero.

How to Avoid Being Victim of Decision Fatigue:

  1. Make the Most Important Decisions Earlier in the Morning:   Your mind is most clear in the morning, and you’ll make the most decisive decisions before you’ve used up your ultra-decision-making powers.
  1. Rest Beautifully: Since your mental energy is getting depleted throughout the day, it is important to recharge it with good night’s rest. 
  1. Eat Something First Before Making Big Decisions: Your brain will not make good decisions when your glucose is low. Be sure to eat well throughout the day, and have a snack if you know you have some heavy-duty deciding to do. 
  1. Routines for Stress Relief: Develop practical, easy routines to help relieve stress. Stress also depletes our cognitive energy. Less stress leads to better decision-making.
  1. Simplify: Get rid of clothes and shoes you haven’t worn in years. Make decisions on what your plans are going to be for the week and stick to them. Don’t give yourself unnecessary options. Limit the amount of decisions you have to make.

Clearing clutter is the ultimate way to combat decision fatigue.

If you have less choices you have more freedom.

With less stuff to navigate from the start to the finish of the day you actually eliminate stress and problems, even if these decisions (like deciding between 30 different outfits every morning) seem small.  Less is so much more.

Of course, the decision-making involved in clutter clearing can be a challenge in itself, and that’s why simple methods to clear clutter while you de-stress your life tend to work best, creating less difficult decision making & more clarity all-in-one! You can start the free feng shui wealth-building video series for a short while longer right HERE!!!

xoxo Dana


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