Spring Equinox Feng Shui!

Mar 20, 2016 | Feng Shui 101

spring equinox

March 20th is the Spring Equinox, and in many philosophies it’s like the true New Year’s Day of the year.

The idea is that your wishes, dreams, purpose, mission and passion can truly spring into life when you bring them to the forefront of your life, planting these seeds of intention now that will grow all year.

Making dreams come to life in Spring Equinox time is gorgeous.

Add fire to your life. Light a few candles around the house today if you can. You can even grab a red pen to start writing those dreams and goals (we’re getting to that in a second)!

Get grounded. In Equinox we celebrate the Earth and re-connect to it’s power. Switch all your electronics off and spend some time outside if you can. If you still feel “spaced out” try hugging yourself by wrapping your arms around you and squeezing yourself tight. Self-love is super-grounding!

Write our your wishes. Choose well as these intentions are super-powered right now!

As you write out each dream, wish or need, feel it in your body. Where are you doubting things, and where do you feel the tension? Where are you forcing things and how do you feel the stress of it? How much do you feel you deserve stuff… and where do those emotions sit in your body?

If you come upon any stuck emotions as you write: shake out your hands, take a walk or stretch, and sit back down to write and write until you feel you’re truly open and ready to accept all the great stuff you’re putting on paper.

Literally, plant some seeds! If you have some seeds to plant, plant a few today. It’s a beautiful way to mirror your “seed planting” of dreams and goals in your life. You can also grab some new houseplants or water the ones you have!

Spring into action. Exercise gets the flow of greatness going both in life and in your brain itself, sparking more genius!

Create SPACE. Without lots of clear space around you, nothing new can arrive. It’s time to next-level your clutter clearing, dumping everything lingering as static and noise and doubt and fear and worry, making room so those deep and passionate dreams can come to life!

Enjoy the Equinox & have a gorgeous week!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana



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