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Mar 21, 2016 | Creativity, Home Style

tall rubber tree

(i love this)

When I think of “personal growth” I have an unfortunate picture burned in my brain of cassette tapes and highly un-stylized book covers from the 1980’s. The majority of these growth-leaders I was exposed to by my father who seemed to devolve with every book and cassette tape into more of a self-obsessed weirdo. Nevertheless, it made an impression, albeit a negative one.

Personal growth and goal setting and success got mixed into this big pot of obsession, completely no art or aesthetics and unnatural forcing of ideas.

I wondered how I could be a combination of all things that seemed to work against me- female, creative and a happy person- and still be successful?

And, I wondered if this was actually the only way.

Luckily for all of us, much of this hard-driving stuff has been overturned by great science and evolution of society. In it’s place, personal growth and goals and success as an overarching concept are starting to look more like yoga and meditation and lifestyle… and I wholeheartedly embrace it all because it finally works!

Your home can be your greatest visual reminder of your intentions, your goals and your desire to grow. There’s no forcing, no obsessing… instead, there’s loads of art and nature and easy design.

Here are some of my favorite design cues to spark your own personal growth revolution at home, every day! 

Tall trees! Something very tall in your home is a great way to reinforce your own straight, tall, energy-filled desires. My favorite tall objects are trees because they are very literally always growing.

bath tub

(zd home interiors)

Minimalist bathrooms. If you have a bathtub, all the better. If you don’t, that’s fine, too. Minimizing the amount of “stuff” in your bathroom will give you lots of calm, self-loving space to indulge in, even if the room is relatively small.

white minimalist bedroom

(photo by pia ulin for the kinfolk home.  found on the amazing amber interiors)

A bedroom that feels breezy.   Your bedroom is for rejuvenation, rest and love. Anything else is just in the way, including storage, and over-abundance of colors that are too active and way-overstuffed nightstands.   Simple is so much easier and lighter on your mind, body and spirit.

striped interiors

(romain ricard / Milk Decoration)

Stripes are energizing.  Simple striped rugs, striped upholstery– stripes add a musical sensibility to a room and they bring a unique feeling of flow to a space. Try stripes wherever you feel you need more momentum in your life.

wall collage inspiration

(ida magntorn… so so gorgeous, follow her instagram, too!)

Be beautiful with collages. In lieu of the traditional vision board, wallpaper a wall of interest with your inspiration and intention in simple wall collage. Some easy tape, magazine clippings, printable quotes… it’s all very statement-making and artful all at once!

These ideas can kick off your own self-affirming, space-making, love-filled home upgrades. Each little switch will bring you more focus and energy and lightness.

Of course, each and every one works it’s magic where there’s clear space and room to feel the growth can happen… so clearing clutter is the ultimate act of manifesting greatness! It’s step one, and it’s such a supercharger in its simplicity.

Enjoy the personal revolution in ease and fun…!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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