Become Brave Enough To Let Things Go That Don’t Serve You!

Mar 26, 2016 | Prosperity

release what doesn't serve you

(lalah delia blows my mind) 

It’s easy to talk about letting things go and it’s hard to do it.

You know it’s not for you, it may be causing you suffering, keeping you stuck in the past, triggering the lowest self esteem and draining your energy but…

What if you never find another?

What if you are making a mistake and regret it? 

What if it turns out you need whatever it is and you can’t afford to replace it?

What if you have to mourn what you let go of and that’s painful?

Yes.  I hear you.

But what happens if you keep it?

Here’s some of what can happen if you hold onto things that aren’t for you… and some idea to start letting them go!

  • Clutter creates stress.  Stress is rapidly aging, it causes weight gain and it deteriorates your immune system.
  • Bad memory items can cause your body to feel perpetually traumatized and triggered, feeling low grade or even high-level anxiety.
  • Toxic people can depete you to the point of dysfunction if you allow ’em to hang around in your life.
  • A back-up of negative energy is mirrored in a back-up of money, or in debt that grows, or in other financial losses.
  • Stagnant air can make you feel sick and dulls your focus to the point where you have no motivation.

And that’s just a bit of it.

The biggest thing is time.

Do you have time to waste with stuff in your life that causes far more pain than pleasure?

I’m pretty sure the answer is “No.”

You can start letting things go by dusting, doing some laundry or washing the dishes.  You can get rid of a few things you don’t need.  You can shred a few papers…

And then, you can go deeper and make that magic space where everything has the potential to transform…!

Your mess can be your greatest opportunity. Embrace that idea and you’ll soar!

xoxo Dana

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