10 Big Reasons To Stay Grounded And Solid In Your Super-High Self-Worth!

Mar 27, 2016 | Prosperity

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You are so immensely valuable.

I hope you realize that.

You are gifted, you are special, your are wholly unique, you aren’t better or worse than anyone else and you deserve just as much happiness, space, air to breathe, resources, food, love and ability to bring your best to every day in your own way.

I’ve found that lots of people (myself included!) have a good intellectual grasp of this fact.  If you can write on paper the kinds of dreams you have and goals you’re working toward, you realize your mission and purpose in an intellectual sense.

If you can talk about how you deserve better than certain problems you find in your life, if you’re working to make healthier choices and actively trying to change things that feel off in your life… you likely have a sense that you can decide to make life better.

But the bigger question is: do you feel really grounded and solid in that sense of value and self-worth? Do you FEEL it? Do you feel it consistently, or do you get blown off that track pretty easily? Do you have to work really really hard to do things like navigate relationships or prove yourself in jobs, harder than anyone else, because somehow you feel like it’s not ever going to be good enough?

If you’ve had this deep-down sense that the uphill battle to proving your worth is daunting, that maybe you’ll never be good enough or you’ll have to keep fighting for love, confidence or room to breathe in life… this one’s for you.  (and for me, too.)

If you’ve never really heard of “being grounded” before, in it’s simplest sense, being grounded means that you feel yourself connected to your whole body and you feel your feet firmly planted on the ground, you feel life more than you think about it and you’re feeling pretty fantastic.

When you feel grounded, your mind is pretty clear, you’re apt to be smiling much more, you’re not at all frantic and you’re able to focus.

If you’re feeling ineffective and in an uphill battle to get through your days, grounding is total greatness!

Being grounded brings you to the present moment where the stuff of the past can’t reach you and affect you. When you’re 100% here, you have 100% of your strength and magic at your fingertips.  It’s amazing how being present affects our PHYSICAL strength.  Try thinking about a huge problem and lifting something decently heavy.  A little later, in a fantastic mood, try lifting that same heavy object.  It’s sort of light.  It’s amazing how much actual POWER we can give away by not showing up for the day.

When you’re centered, you will not over-think. When you’re in your body and you can feel all that life flowing through you, your mind won’t be consumed.

When you’re feeling your value in your core, you won’t over-extend yourself to help people. If you’re wobbly in your own life or your value, chances are you’re one of those people that needs to help people excessively.  When you’re sitting in your center, you don’t see the value in helping people excessively who are not at all helpless.

Creativity helps us to transform the incidents that made us feel unworthy. Art is an agent of magic.  You’ll likey feel blocked creatively if you’re cluttered mentally or physically or emotionally.

Nature isn’t perfect, and yet it sustains all of us. Wherever we’ve each come up with this idea that perfect is a real thing varies, but one thing doesn’t: we aren’t perfect!  Yet how many of us have criticized other people for their imperfections? How  many of us hold ourselves to a standard of “never good enough”? How much is that crazy standard applauded in society… ? Nature isn’t perfect but it’s grounded and adaptable.  When you’re grounded you’ll see far less need to be perfect.

High self-worth will help you to navigate criticism that threatens to pull us off our path. Early on in the blogosphere, I looked at critical statements as a death-knell.  I remember the first article I had that got spread widely and the true hatred that was leveled at me for the things I wrote about… and it was about bedroom design and relationships.  It scared me off writing for a while, until I realized that everyone is entitled to their opinions and that if I couldn’t handle it, I’d crumble.

I still get emails and comments all the time that give me pause… but I just pause now for a moment, I understand what is being said, I try to take the good from it… and I keep going.  It’s not ever simple, but it’s certainly vital to stay grounded.

The better you feel about yourself the more you can inspire other people to feel better about themselves. This is true.  This is so true.

Please believe that you aren’t selfish by putting your wellbeing before anything else!  It was a long hard lesson to learn.  We all learn it in our own ways.

If you’re calm and focused, you’ll have far less debilitating stress in your life.  Being frantic may seem like you’re working hard, but it has nothing to do with actually connecting to what you’re doing and getting it done well.

When you’re not wasting time trying to prove your worth, you’ll have a lot more time to do what you love.

Being grounded in your life and knowing your worth opens up the channels to creativity and all your other superpowers!!!  The most stunning successes I’ve seen in clients and my Campers who clear away blocks in Catalyst Camp are the rebirth of their feeling of being talented and capable and able to make things happen again after clearing lots of space. This is the stuff that makes me cry when I hear it and see it. It is awesome.  Totally awesome!!!

The sum total of what stops us from being grounded and feeling our absolutely most infinitely valuable best is the blocks of clutter.

Mental clutter, physical clutter, past trauma, bad habits…

You can’t make that deep, powerful, rich, dynamic connection to life if you’re living in a haze of clutter and feeling depleted.

Being grounded is a “PRACTICE” for many of us, including me (!), so you need not think that some people are born with it and some just aren’t… You can always spend time in Nature or learn to meditate or do visualizations like THIS one to get there.

And… then dive in!!!



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