5 Morning Rituals To Clear Space For Love-Filled, Magnetic Days!

Mar 28, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

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Every morning we have a gift of a day in front of us.

Every morning we are given the opportunity to take the actions that transform our lives.  We have a chance to make clear choices.  We have this sacred time when we rise in a very impressionable frame of mind- whether it’s fifteen minutes or two hours- to flood the day with affirmative messages and gratitude and creative greatness.

If you’re rolling over in bed to grab your phone and start looking through emails and social media, or barely making it past several snooze buttons to get up for the day… a morning ritual can be a true “why-haven’t-I-done-this-sooner?” revolution…!

you are what you do

Rituals are a way to move from wanting/talking about/thinking it would be a good idea… to… doing/practicing/living your best ways.

Rituals are habits. Habits are what makes us who we are.

When I see people dramatically let go of their own self-loving rituals, swept under by the tides of everyday life, I can sense a whole shift in their energy. They have less love to give. They need more love from others, and more energy from others. They get pulled into vortexes of negativity far more easily. When I’ve let go of my own self-loving rituals, I have found myself at a loss for what I call… “my magic.” I feel dull, confused and empty.

Rituals are simple. The more difficult and painstaking they are, the more they’ll likely let you down.

Here are a few ways to clear space for more openness to your day. Please tailor them to your needs, or simply use ’em as inspiration if you want to create your own energy-opening, life-expanding rituals.

Clearing space in the morning is always a writing exercises for me… so whether it’s a little poem you write to yourself, or a a journaling exercise or a simple to-do list… writing in the earliest moments of the morning makes mental space in the most beautiful way.

Connect to spirit.  If I wake up and do much of anything before sitting down to do my twice-daily Buddhist practice, the day is crooked and my mind isn’t right. While I know it’s tempting when you’re busy to do other things first and then things like meditation and prayer a little later, the idea is hat this centering connection to spirit actually makes all that “busy” stuff you have to do so much easier…!

If you don’t have a spiritual practice and you don’t want one, perhaps try some visualization or meditation of a totally non-spiritual nature like the Silva Method.  

Sit quietly and send out love where it tends to be lacking.

Send love to everyone you feel has harmed or wronged you. I do this first, because these people, I feel, need love and forgiveness most. It’s also the hardest to do. In my mind I imagine myself hugging each person and telling them that I love them no matter what. Even if I can’t do it in person yet, or possibly ever!!!

Send love to the people who have left the planet that you miss. I talk to my parents, to my aunts, godmother and tell them I love them.

And…then… send love to yourself! I was taught by an energy healer to hug myself and breathe and allow myself to see all my own worth. It’s so powerful what’s happened since I learned to literally hug myself.

Simple rituals done with love clear away resentments, neglect, bad ideas and fuzzy thoughts from your day starting in the earliest of hours.

With that kind of decluttering done so early on in the day, you’ll have so much room to evolve your art practice, be more dynamic at work, stick to your guns when changing bad habits to good ones and basically shine far more of the time!

xoxo Dana

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