This Surreal Story May Just Illuminate & Expand Your View Of Life & How You Live It

Mar 29, 2016 | Creativity

infinity room

This morning, very early, I was at the Broad Museum leading a group of amazing kids through a few of the artworks to express their feelings and write poems inspired by the art.

By far it was my best day of the year.

At the end, the kind folks who sensed an opening in the super-packed schedule to enter Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room filled with thousands of lights and mirrors let us sneak in.  It was total magic.  You could see forever, and you felt your whole brain light up in the expanded view of everything…!

Then, I can across this TEDX talk, better than anythind TED I’ve ever seen before in my whole life.

“All of us are much greater and more powerful than we realize…” ~Anita Moorjani

I watched this and it was just so beyond belief and so transformational, so quantum, so connected, so amazing…

A woman in her last moments of life learned a message and lesson that completely changed her life, cured her body, and altered everything.

It’s changed my life, too.

I hope you see this.

I can’t express enough how much it makes me want to just live with love and never in anything less than that.  In faith and nothing less than that.  In connection, and nothing less than that. Take the nap you want to take, do what you want with absolutely no fear, and do what feeds your life!!!

The summary… the burned in my mind…

Love yourself.  Live without fear.  Laugh.  Value your life.  Be yourself.

My favorite moment: “All your challenges are gifts.”

xoxoxo Dana


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xoxo Dana


  1. mila briand

    Hello Dana,Thank you for the all greats articles that you share with other people,you always choose something that its really important and helpful to go througth the everyday life,i admire you so much! i would like to invite you to visit Bourgundy(France)one day i will be your guide,warm regards,Mila.

    • danaclaudat

      oh i would love to visit yo!!!u and i’m so glad you find it helpful!!! xoxoxoxo



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