Feng Shui To Emerge From The Haze When Your Life Has Been Out Of Whack

Apr 2, 2016 | Prosperity

keep your energy super-high

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From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep- as well as through every single hour of sleep- you’re an energetic being, full of thoughts, awareness, life force electricity and magnetic fields swirling, broadcasting and animating life.

This isn’t a spiritual truth or a popularized wild idea. This is a fact that’s been observed, tested and proven. Each and every thing in your environment has a massive energetic impact on your life- from your thoughts to your friends to the actual physical things around you.

In essence, every single moment we reorganize the universe around us. We can actively choose to allow prosperous, gorgeous, loving, integrity-filled, inspiring, pure and clear things to fill life around us… Or we can choose to focus on the struggles, wrestle with shadows, hang out in clutter and feel consistently wiped out in a haze.

You have that much of a choice.

If you’re thinking that what I’m saying is unrealistic, not possible or so out of reach for you right now… chances are you’re in a haze of some sort. Whether it’s trauma, grief, a serious lack of self-love, addictive relationships or a true haze of neglecting life for so long it seems so foreign to be responsible for any part of life any more… that haze is like being drunk all day.

Snap out of your own haze and you’ll see in radical detail just how much power you have and how you can use it for the greatest, highest, most inspired good.   For anyone who has felt lost and empty and fighting through life, this can be your revolution. 

Surrender to whatever has become your struggle. 

AA really nails this in the 12 Steps. If you try to control ever one of the forces of the universe and the other beings in this universe, even if it’s because you love them and want them to be healthy, well and happy, you’ll fall into a life-hijacking haze. If you’re struggling to change things because you feel you need to be perfect, surrender to your humanity and be OK with things as they are. There’s no race, there’s no one better than anyone else… Sleep, breathe, stay quiet and let yourself surrender instead of struggling wherever you’ve been struggling. Surrender might mean you need a new job, new house, new relationship or need to make changes… and that’s OK. When you stop wrestling and fighting, you can finally start creating a truly buzzing, beautiful, prosperous, love-filled life.

Clean up your house. I once had a very brilliant boyfriend who wrote me a one page book. It was a single sheet of paper that said, “Keep your side of the street clean.” Keep that house clean. Really excavate your clutter. If you haven’t started the free de-clutter video series yet, start HERE for just a few more days! 

Since you’ve been living in a haze, what has fallen apart?   Your mind? Your happiness? Your money? Your feelings of confidence? Wellness? Julia Cameron asks in the Artists Way what it would look like to have achieved your goals and reached your own “North Star”… so I ask you in her honor, What would it look like to have the haze out of your life? What would it feel like? 

Clean up your life and make yourself sane and sober again. Emotional patterns can be like an addiction. Lack of self love can be a habit. Just like brushing your teeth or taking showers or eating and drinking every day are regular facets of life that you do every single day, the same goes for self-love.

your problems are opportunities

See that your problems are your opportunities. 

This I’m sure of: even though big problems can be soul-crushing and you’ll need to find your way out of the haze, each problem that rocks your world gives you a chance to pull the deeper clutter, hurts, upsets and demons out and finally really set them free. Every problem gives you a chance to make bigger and better decisions. Every time you confront a mess and determine to clear it, you clear your life so that you can show up again.

I was in a haze for a while once, in a very strained relationship. Instead of leaving, I got lost in the drunken state of denial. My house became out of control. My money became so far out of my grip for the first time in my life.  My mind was dead-focused on fixing something that wasn’t my problem to fix. When it reached such a fever pitch that I had no choice but to seek real help, I found that I was living my life up to that point (way before I met this guy) with such a heavy load of over-responsibility, trauma and pressure filling my mind that this incident that pushed me over the edge unlocked a massive opportunity to be free. When I got to address this deep clutter and stress and strain that I couldn’t see before, the floodgates opened and so much greatness arrived.

Don’t let yourself idle and spin and feel lost in a haze.

Life’s happening right now and every moment of it you have a chance to feel better, live better and love better.   Create an energy field of magnetic brilliance around you. Choose to show up. Choose to be free of everything that blocks you from making that connection. The world needs your light.

xoxo Dana


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